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  1. Hey there clambak3! It's nice to see another chi-town peep around here First of all, congratulations on keeping your facial acne at a minimum. The body can tolerate chemicals better than the face for having thicker skin. It may be a tad hard to find a "harsher" product with maintaining a natural approach. How long have you been using your sulfur wash for? It may take some time to notice any sort of result, which goes along with any product of course! And we're talking of at least two weeks h
  2. Try holding up a hand mirror to get a better angle. It will only spread if you continue to touch or pick on the infected area, or perhaps just a matter of not cleansing daily.
  3. Too broad of a suggestion for OP. Yes, acne can be a side effect from steroid use, but I doubt that is the case here.
  4. Look at this FAQ http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/61214-frequently-asked-questions-for-tetracycine-users/
  5. Doxycycline usually shows significant improvement after 3 months of use. However, the more you take it, you will develop a tolerance towards the antibiotic, and renders it useless after a certain point. Try to explain to your dermatologist about your fear of certain side effects, and see if there are any alternatives.
  6. Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash Sensitive http://www.dovemencare.com/Products/Body-Face-Wash/Sensitive-Clean-Body-And-Face-Wash.aspx
  7. There isn't really a "best cure". It is all trial and error to find something that works for you. Go see what your dermatologist has to say, then post back here if you see any sort of improvement.
  8. You have an awesome mom! Younger people today are starting to come from a generation where their parents know about these things (I got the feeling you were a bit younger, correct me if I'm wrong though). My parents generation didn't know much at all (I'm 30). Well, it was a little OCD at the time, our pantry had never been full of twinkies and donuts, she was a health nut. I'm a bit over half of your age, so I can understand that many people are now being hit with a reality check.
  9. By spots do you mean that they are flat?
  10. Many get despondent because it does take some time to see any sort of result, and we are talking at least 3 months of consistent use for a 6 month course. Although I would prevent taking it for more than 6 months because tolerance can build up and interfere with your immune system. By not taking it fully, I'm assuming that you had skipped a few days? Try not to make it a habit.
  11. Filtered Water and toothpaste replacements all over my house for a majority of my life already. My mom had been aware these dangers, and always got into heated debates with my dentist
  12. Well, acne treatments are usually universal, which will work for all areas of the body. I see you had already tried a tetracycline which is a commonly used antibiotic. There are 3 different types. I would go talk to a doctor and see his/her's take on this situation. Also mention folliculitis, for it is commonly mistaken for acne, and many acne treatments won't work.