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  1. i'm not really cautious of what i eat. in other words i still eat junk food and stuff . my doctor told me my acne isn't caused by my diet. but i do get breakouts when i eat too much chocolate . idk, does diet really affect acne? When I drink sugar drink I break out alot. I didn't know that sugary drinks were the cause of my acne till i gave up on drinking sugary drinks and just drink water everyday. My skin is way much clearer than before.
  2. Susana C.

    Red marks less noticeable Even skin tone Prevents future breakouts reduces redness and pimple size Bleaches hair Takes a week to see difference I should have discovered it before. I see a huge improvement on my skin. My skin loves it.
  3. hi thanx for your advices .

  4. I don't understand . I want to try this because i have red marks left over from previous acne. Ca someone tell me how to do it?
  5. I like reading this because it makes me feel like I'm not the only one that people always tease me about my acne.
  6. I'm thinking of trying the lemon on just the red marks and see if i get any improvements
  7. My acne was sever now its light Pretty much i use something thats not to harsh as salicylic acid or harsh as BP.Hydrogen peroxide 3% applied topically is the only thing I use and i love it. I wish i would have discovered it before. I tried urine therapy before . it was working but it left me at purging state and i didn't like the way i had so many whiteheads so i heard about Hydrogen peroxide and my skin loves it it reduces the size and redness and leaves your skin soft only down side its bleac
  8. First little history about my skin. I had sever acne , Like everywhere on my chin, around my mouth, cheeks , nose and forehead but it wasn't like a couple pimples here and there. No it was much worst like pretty much 15% of my skin was not covered with acne. I couldn't take it no more, So i started to do everything and I mean everything with my skin and cleaning it up. Only thing that i saw a huge improvement was a seaweed soap for acne and it clear my skin and drink plenty of water. Now i on
  9. Ok so this happen yesterday. I was talking to my guitar teacher and he like 20 years old. And he was getting me in trouble because I wasn't practicing then he said bunch of other stuff and i wasn't paying attention to what he was saying the last thing he said was,. "Who will ever go out with you with an ugly face like that." I wanted to talk back to him but I knew i was better than him so i just turned around. But inside i wanted to cry. Worst part is I see him today and i really don't want to g
    Covers acne very well just alone. Matches skin perfect buildble coverage Last up to 6 hours if you have oily skin. expensive I love this. At first it looked cakey on me but thats because I applied it differently . Now i apply it with just a powder brush and thats it and it looks natural. I love it I'm going to go buy more.
  10. Susana C.

    Acne progress

    This is my progress of me with my acne and how its improving or getting worse