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  1. Just curious... what do your facial marks look like? Do you have pustule-like lesions or are they more like cysts? or papules? or nodules? Just curious. In all honesty I wanted to compare them to my marks to see if I could possibly have folliculitis instead of acne. GOOD LUCK to you and CONGRATS on your diagnosis! It seems a cure is likely for you... YAY!
  2. Just a question: what's an "excision scar"? Did you get it from a facial when they try and clear out your pores? Or did you have a very inflamed pimple that a doctor had to remove? Let us know how the laser treatments go. Good luck to you!
  3. I have been wondering the same thing... I asked my derm and she said "no, it will never come back WORSE but it might come back" She also said that 30% of women who take spiro don't get acne again, even when they come off the medicine. HOWEVER she also said that people usually don't get worse acne after coming off of antibiotics. But based on my research here I know that's not true. So I really don't know what to believe. How is the spiro going? Do you recommend it? I would like to get pr
  4. Thanks for sharing this. That is so scary!! I'm so grateful you came out okay and with your life. I can't believe some of the side effects of acne treatments... it's just awful. It really could have taken your life. Thank goodness you're okay!! And thanks for posting this warning for others...
  5. I am so so sorry you are dealing with this. I understand the part about feeling like you are losing your mind. I really do. There are times that my acne has caused me to sob in the shower, not leave the house, get angry, yell, get depressed, cry. You name it, I've been there emotionally. I remember this one time I got a chemical burn from acne products, it was about a year ago. I just felt like "I CANNOT handle another skin issue"... like I was losing my mind. I totally understand how you feel.
  6. I am truly ecstatic for you that you found your cure. It's so wonderful and you have your life back. It's got to be the most amazing feeling. As for me, I tried cutting out fluoride. Started August 30 and now it's Sept 21. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be the culprit for me Guess I'll have to keep searching... but I do think I might have a kind of perioral dermatitis, since it itches a lot and weeps. However, it does flare around my TOM which points to hormonal acne. So, I'm just no
  7. Hey Paul, Thanks so much for your reply and for the compliments. It really means a lot. As you know with acne our self-esteem with our looks can fall to the pits, so it's nice to hear I've recently been doing some deep thought about why my skin issues bother me so much (in spite of being a lung cancer survivor, which I admit is a much bigger deal), and have come to the conclusion that it is a two-pronged issue. On the one hand, I see my facial marks as a superficial reflection of some kind of
  8. shazamwow


    Hi Melissa, I just got back from a trip and found this post of yours. I just wanted to offer you some support. You posted something on one of my topics a few months ago and it really helped me out, just to know that there was someone out there who could relate. It really meant a lot to me. So I just wanted to share my story with you. I did have cancer, at age 27, lung cancer... and let me tell you... it sucks, big time. Waaay worse than acne. However, I'm not going to lie -- at times acne has
  9. whoops... didn't attach it! Here's another current pic...
  10. And here's another current one. I'm showing you guys this side of my face because this is the side that had the most spots. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  11. By the way, the two middle pics are the current ones, and the first and last pics are the ones from back in May.
  12. Hi all, I wanted to share my progress with finacea. My skin is by no means perfect, but comparing these pictures I think there has been a drastic improvement. I started finacea on May 6th 2011. So Before that I tried: cutting out dairy, topical tretinoin (which gave me a chemical burn on my neck, possibly because I unknowingly used it with BP), glycolic acid toner, and aczone. Nothing seemed to work for too long. To tell you a little about myself: I'm a 29 year old female who never had anythin
  13. This is actually true... my mother-in-law had painful cysts around her mouth, and after a few months discovered she had a fluoride allergy. Once she cut out fluoride her face completely cleared up. Although I knew about her story, I never really though to try cutting out fluoride, not until I read this post. I guess I thought my acne was somewhat different than hers had been. But now that I think about it, I do have really itchy acne, the weepy kind... and it all does point to an allergic react
  14. Hey Fred, thanks I saw quick improvements the second week (since my skin looked horrible the first few days after I used differin) By month 2, I could tell my skin was clearing up a lot but I still had random cystic acnes here and there (on my nose, cheek, etc.) However, by month 3 and 4, I was using a lotion and facewash that was very sensitive (OLAY) and remembering to only use Differin at night, Clyndamycin day and night, and I saw a lot of improvement by then. Months 5-7, I had
  15. Oh one last thing -- I wanted to comment on the picking thing. I totally know what you mean but I truly believe in my heart that stopping picking is TOTALLY possible if you set your mind to it. Since it is a symptom of OCD, you have to stop yourself before you get to the mirror and before your hands go towards your face. What I have done is make a promise to myself, every time I go to bed and first thing when I wake up in the morning -- that promise is to be gentle with my face and my skin, and