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  1. thank you SavedByGrace1 and Resery. @brokenreality, I was pretty depressed before with all the acne I had but never did I think I would feel the way I do now. I would probably be saying the same thing you are telling me to someone else if I hadnt experienced what I am now. But I come to realize that people have NO IDEA what its like until it happens to them. I also forgot to mention how my hair has been falling and is continuing to thin and fall more. I never would have imagined that I would be
  2. @vanbelle, thanks a bunch for the support. @heyjoe, I wish that was the case
  3. I only blame my self for this because when I was covered with acne I never believed anything crazy would happen to me while on accutane and only wanted to believe the positives and be a happy acne free person. Anyways im 20 years old and weigh 175lbs, I was put on accutane for 5 months, i have 6800mg of accutane in my system where as the recommended minimum amount for me would be around 9300mg. im on my third and half month and im not taking another single pill. Major side effects that are
  4. let me tell you why the fuck i care, because im even worse than you believe it or not but it seems like nothings ever ganna work and your just making your self try to accept the fact that your going to have to live with it forever and you cant get over it. Well you'll find that out at the end of your course wont you, for now theres still hope. and im pretty sure its going to work for you because for alot of people the 3rd 4rth month is when the shit starts to kick in. Also there are way worse c
  5. results start to become really visible at the 4rth-5th month period, hang in there
  6. The only thing that gets me by is knowing that one day I wont have to deal with this and thats because I made the ultimate decision to start accutane which has given me a reason to believe that. I like to believe that time goes by extremely quick and its only a matter a time. I mean whats 1 year? we've got over 50 of them to live, let this be a faint memory that you can look back on and smile. This process is going to transform you as a person.
  7. Im with you on this I got my blood work done yesterday and im waiting for the call to get the ok to pick up my prescription. I get depressed everytime I look at photos of myself from last year to early this year :\. I weigh 175 and am being put on 40mg for the first month just waiting for the call. at this point side effects dont mean much to me I just want my life back :\
  8. cuuuuuuuuute! haha your doing good you shouldnt have anything to worry about but i understand how it feels to be self conscious so I cant blame ya!
  9. hey chensg hows everything going? Im looking forward to seeing you transform for the best! Ill be keeping a close eye just keep us posted and good luck to you! I start on 40mg ina couple days
  10. pictures pictures pictures of before and after please lol. Anyways you basically saw results in less the month. I start 40mg in a couple days and I hope I can see results that quickly to god bless.
  11. depends on the severity of your marks, but know they will fade in time. Just control the breakouts or you will find your pih marks only lasting longer.
  12. What a relief thanks very much for the quick answer
  13. I live in the U.S and I thought they stopped selling accutane. But on my prescription paper I got today it says accutane 40mg. My insurance only covers generics though so I was wondering will I be able to get the generic form instead?
  14. Thanks , Had my appointment today and to my surprise it went extremely well and quick. Went in and told them I tried everything and I want to go on accutane, they had someone come in and go over the booklet had me sign a bunch of stuff and took my blood on the spot. I was prescribed 40mg for the first month and am waiting on a call tomorrow to get the ok to get pick up my prescription. My journey is finally going to begin so that is a relief right there.