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  1. My goodness, some things never change. I forget about the board for a while and come back to see the same old posters hijacking the board with overt trolling. I just don’t understand why nothing changes. This is the most visited and active resource on the web for news about scarless healing and yet a few seem hellbent to do everything in their power to make it about them.
  2. From all the research I've read in regards to wound healing and the prospects of regeneration, hair follicles seem to be hugely important. Specifically, the follicle bulb, which laser hair removal doesn't remove. The research indicates that it serves to recruit stem cells and other cell niches that promote regeneration over scarring. Of course, maybe someone could find a way to get around this, but hair follicles (and sweat glands) seem to provide the needed things for skin to be healthy and sca
  3. FS2 is not scarless healing, scar free healing, complete regeneration or whatever other term you want to use to describe what this board is ostensibly about. Plenty of other boards on this site get into these types of treatments. I mean no offense to anyone. If you’re happy with % improvements then it may just be your ticket. But if you want complete regeneration with appendages it isn’t going to be the answer. The researchers have set our expectations and it doesn’t include those things.
  4. Oh, not Sunogel's, but Dr. Sun's personal page has a pic and a writeup of what they hope to achieve. I was the one talking to Dr. Sun when he stated they might work with a derma company to create funding by bringing cosmetic products to the market. That was a bit ago so I'm not sure where that stands now.
  5. Post from December 13th. First thing that pops up on his feed if you go to his page.
  6. Haha, I wish I could! In terms of news on Sunogel, Dr. Sun just made a big presentation (not sure where). It's posted on his Facebook page.
  7. I don't think their confidence (at least outwardly) has wavered, but that means little to us. If they show completely regeneration with a matching aesthetic outcome, we'll be happy. If not, we won't be for our purposes. It's that simple.
  8. Great finds everyone! It's important to note that all of these involve manipulation of cells and/or pathways so they'd face a strenuous process for approval and testing. Nevertheless, good news for us that so many researchers are actively trying so many different ways to figure this out.
  9. Gemstone was founded before Sunogel; it is not an offshoot. Dr. Sharon Gerecht and Dr. Sun worked together at Johns Hopkins while Dr. Sun was a resident there and they came up with the hydrogel that originally obtained complete regeneration in mice. After that, Dr. Sun's residency ended and he went to work for Columbia for a while before founding Sunogel. His product, while it's a hydrogel, is not the same as the one developed at Johns Hopkins. I asked him about this in my phone conversation a
  10. Honestly, I have no idea. The part about being in the trial period for specific indications (i.e. revision of existing skin graft or instead of one) came from one of their recent conference calls I believe that had a transcript posted. I will say (and I have before) that no doctor/surgeon in their right mind would use SkinTE on acne scars at this point in time. Even PolarityTE has long stated that the derivatives they hope to develop would be better suited for the cosmetic market. From a docto
  11. According to PolarityTE (and I realize trust in them is likely at an all time low for most people on here) they cannot use SkinTE on anything other than wounds that either require a split-thickness skin graft or for revising existing split-thickness skin grafts. The reason being is that they are in a review period with the FDA during their trials to see if they can provide a better result over the clinical standard of care (a split-thickness skin graft). Take that for what it's worth, but I'm
  12. We're working together to hopefully make a video promo for Sunogel. Thus far we haven't gotten too into the weeds, but he remains confident that the product will work, even if it needs optimization at some point.
  13. I've been talking to him but the website has the most up to date projections for his trials. He's still actively looking for funding.
  14. Thanks for this post. I think it's important for people to remember that these researchers are human beings with emotions, ambitions, fears and issues just like the rest of us. I can't imagine anyone going into the field you study or trying to tackle complex problems like Dr. Sun get into it just to get rich. A note about microcoring, Cytrellis isn't the only company that has a product like that. Check out the ART gun by Medline: https://www.medline.com/pages/autologous-regeneration-of-tissu
  15. I truly believe SkinTe might be a scam. Sunogel however I have high hope for but I don't believe it can eliminate scarring at 100%. Anything at this point is improvement so if Sunogel can achieve at least more than 50% improvement, than it is a step in the right direction. Why 50%? Sunogel has shown "perfect skin" (their words, not mine) can be regenerated using their hydrogel on both mice and pigs. Now, that obviously isn't humans, but don't lower the burden on them. They're going for com