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  1. Just a quick update, seeing a few changes in skin, mostly less oiliness and drier lips, more flaking and a sort of smoothness? I've got mid-years really soon and I've been flat-chat for the past week or so but I'll try to update properly in the next few days! Keep on keepin' on guys. xxx
  2. Thanks so much hun! It's looking alright...these cysts are SO ANNOYING! I just want them to disappear. They're popping up everywhere. I've got major Blackhead City ALL over my nose. There isn't an area that isn't occupied by a blackhead. Also, I've begun to break out on my shoulders, which I've never had before. Lips/skin are SUPER dry! But it'll all be worth it soon. Also, any girls or guys wanting to know what's good to do before applying make-up, keep reading. I'm not suggesting it'll
  3. Major, major procrastination is what's cooking! I can't help myself. Youtube, Facebook and iPhone are probably the WORST things to offer a year 12. Seriously. I've been sitting here playing Scrabble with my dad for the past 2 hours. I have a history SAC tomorrow. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!? What's up with you, also good-looking person? (Sorry I completely failed to make that rhyme even a little...)
  4. Okay so it's been WAY more than half an hour, but then I had to eat and stuff because I kind of forget to today (weird, right?) Anyhow, here are a few pictures! As you can see, my lips are VERY chapped and red and peeling.
  5. Okay guys, I'm back and ready to post! It's been a very rough few days but I got through them. It sounds stupid but the littlest things set me off now. Not only is my skin sensitive, but my feelings are too. Haha that sounded super corny! Day 18 Well it's day 18. Early days but there are changes! Some good and some not so good. Overall, my skin seems to be clearing up. Just in general. Red spots seem to be fading a little bit. I haven't been keeping up with my face cleansing regime (I'm t
  6. You guys have just absolutely turned around my entire week! Thank you all so, so much. You don't realise just how much your support and encouragement means. I'm so glad I have people who understand and are there to reassure me, even if I don't know you all personally. I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long. Exams are coming up and I'm royally screwed. Haha. I don't know how I can repay you all for your kindness. <3 Honestly, I really don't. You've all managed to put a massive smile on my f
  7. Sorry guys, this is going to be a very depressing post...I apologise in advance. So...lately I've been feeling really disconnected. Out of place. When I go to school I don't feel like I belong there, or like I'm wanted. When everybody is told to get into groups, I'm left standing there, feeling like an idiot. This has happened many, many times and I wonder whether or not people are conscious of how things like that make others feel. It seems everywhere I go I don't belong, like I'm just som
  8. I did, but my hair comes down to my tailbone and is thicker than wool haha. It's also naturally greasy, so it just made it oily. ): I'll give it another go though! Thank you!
  9. Completely jinxed myself. Ugh! Itchier than before. :/
  10. Thanks so much guys! I've decided to use baby shampoo. It sounds stupid but it really seems to be helping. The itchy scalp has almost completely gone!
  11. Mass post coming up. Well, it's been a few days since I last posted. Today marks day 12 of my Oratane journey. Wait, no, I should reply to everyone first! Sorry guys. I've been all over the place lately. Need a job, need to work out, need to study. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME, LIFE?! BIBIFACE-Hey hun! I'm itchy too, except...not...well, I was up until about 2 days ago. Now it's sporadic. I've found my hair is becoming a little drier, which is disappointing but not unmanageable. I'll uplo
  12. Hey hun, I'll quickly reply on your log instead of mine, just because I've been posting a lot there good to see you're on Oratane too! 20mg is a low dose, but for some reason I take 2 a day? Weird. It'll kick it, it might just take a bit longer. As for the oily skin, mine did that too. Went from dry to really oily. It just fluctuates unfortunately. :/ We seem to be experiencing the same side-effects AND I think we're only like one day apart? Good luck with the 'Tane! Avene is an amazing moistu
  13. Aw, congratulations hun! I hope he's right and you start seeing some really great improvement. Just remember that there are people here who are supportive and whatnot. xx Good luck!!
  14. SO MANY POSTS!!! However, it's Day 9 and I wore makeup for the first time in 3 weeks. Day 9 School today was alright. I got up a bit late which meant no moisturising or washing, and I only just had time to swallow my pill before I ran out the door. When I got to school, I did something really, ridiculously stupid and looked in the mirror. Why did I do that? I've come to the conclusion I must be some kind of masochist. Red. EVERYWHERE. I know I always sound so negative when I post, and I
  15. AHH! I'm actually dying of happy. Thank you for absolutely making my night! I don't feel too cute with the acne but hopefully this will get rid of it! Also, you're gorgeous too and your moustache is awesome. That is all. Oratane, WOO!