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  1. yep day 11 for me today, and there's nothing drastically different. my lips are SUPER SUPER dry. i can't believe how fast it happened as well, now i have to apply paw paw ointment every 10 minutes or so or my lips start cracking! i want to believe that its getting better, but i used to only have one or two pimples on my cheeks but suddenly there's a heap of new ones getting ready to explode. I've also seen a big increase in the number of whiteheads (the little ones that stay under the skin an
  2. hey! thanks for the comment i was trying to leave one back but then my technological difficulty prevented me and i couldn't figure it out. today was as terrible as yesterday, at least i didn't have to wear any make up so my skin could just breathe. im only on 20mg once a day so your dosage is twice what mine is! that means my skin is going to take FOREVER to clear up. argh! this sucks. ill try and post some real photo's from a real camera tomorrow when i have some time because those web
  3. Us Oratane girls have to stick together! :)

    I hope your course is going alright so far hun.

    1. Today's been so bad! i went to uni with makeup on and i felt ok but as soon as i got home the IB was really really bad. my skin seems redder and still really dry and itchy. I'm really starting to notice the dry lips but I'm just using Pawpaw ointment to keep that under control, that stuff is amazing! I was supposed to go out tonight with a friend for dinner but ended up cancelling and gave some bogus excuse. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO US!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? its unbelievably frustrating and i
    2. hey again! Nothing too new for me either today. My skin is starting to peel and it's really really itchy. Everytime I wash and dry it the skin that's peeling starts coming off. I don't know if im just super attentive now that we're on Oratane but its almost as if my skin is thinner, i.e. the actives are bleeding just from washing. Called my dermatologist today to clear up some medication questions and I'm on 25mg Prednisolone tablets as well now as opposed to just 20mg before. Don't know much
    3. I think everyone feels the same way, I only started four days ago and already I'm spending most mornings looking at my skin pressed right up against the mirror, expecting some sort of miracle cure. All we can do now is wait, and apparently rooibos tea helps when you're on Oratane (to get rid of the dryness or something im not sure). So i'll give that a try tomorrow. I'm going to check in here almost everyday I'm pretty sure ahahah i'm that keen for the stupid results! Hopefully my photo's wil
    4. Hey! I started Oratane 4 days ago now and almost immediately my lips were so dry! I feel like my skin is more itchy and flaky around my forehead (that's where the most of my acne is). I used to have almost nothing on my cheeks but i can see three or four new pimples starting to come out on each cheek. I'm so glad someone else is starting Oratane at the same time as me I'm really apprehensive and a little scared. All i want is beautiful clear skin and i can't believe it's going to take as long
    5. i'd love to say it's going to be ok but everytime someone says 'beauty is only skin deep' i want to punch them in the face with a jackhammer or other sharp implement. i know nothing i say can make it better, just know that someone in australia understands. i hope you get better, and i mean that truly because i know how much i hate waking up and having to look in the mirror.
    6. Hello Everyone, Not sure if anyone will actually read or benefit from this at all but I've decided to start this post from the beginning of my medical treatment for moderate-severe acne including the medications dosages, side effects and hopefully improvements. I started breaking out for the second time three months ago, starting with small whiteheads across my forehead which gradually turned into the big red pimples and cysts. Dec '10- Jan 11' Proactiv: dried out my skin terribly, it bleach