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  1. This is exactly what happens to me! DX bleh The universe is just mocking me during the summer, then school starts and it's like "Oh, you thought you were clearing up? No! Here's your acne, enjoy!" rawr
  2. Drawing Reading Writing in my journal (haha I'm such a girl) Thinking about the guy I like
  3. Yeah, I'd say mild to moderate. Definitely not severe. There seems to be hardly any other than on your forehead so at least you have some parts of your face that you can be comfortable with.
  4. I get this too on my chin and upper lip. They just fill back up if I squeeze them. I think it could be flouride from my toothpaste but idk... But I'm not sure what toothpaste I can get that doesn't have flouride... Is there anything that I could find at a drugstore?
  5. haha Thanks for taking me seriously. And ya I've heard special diets help but I just don't want to go on one because I'm pretty thin and I'm trying to gain weight cuz it doesn't feel healthy....
  6. So just a warning- this is gonna be a rant. So about a year ago my sister grew out of her acne, but even before then, she was really mean to me about mine. One time we were with our cousin and her friend. Our cousin was talking about how there was this boy in her class who had a "big pimple" and indicated with her fingers the size of a dime. In front of everyone my sister said to me,"Cover your forehead!" or something like that. Later, my mom had to do something, so she made my sister just say s
  7. I use jojoba oil sometimes and it doesn't seem to affect my acne at all but it still moisturizes very well. I just put a bit on my clean fingers and rub it in.
  8. Oh well. I ordered the EDM base sample and kabuki brush, silk naturals concealer and finishing powder samples, and I am going to order either the shiseido or ELF primer. *crosses fingers that they will work well*
  9. Thanks! I was still wondering about those questions... Is there any moisturizer or primer that you would suggest?
  10. haha thanks! I couldn't find it cheaper anywhere... What did you type in? Is there anything in a smaller size because I will probably only be using it that one day...
  11. Here are some pictures of me in crappy lighting so you can see better. I messed with stuff in photoshop and I thought it was funny how I could make my eyes look really creepy when I was "hiding" my identity.
  12. When I used to go in the mirror to pick, I would always make myself wait until friday night. That would give me the most time for the scabs to heal, while I am holed up in my house until I have to go back to school on monday. That made it easier for me to stop popping whiteheads and such when I decided not to. Now I scratch at my face while I am on the computer, but I'll try the blotting paper thing. Best of luck to you! (=
  13. Thanks! I look around online and see those products. but oh well everything clogs pores nowadays .. -x- haha True dat brotha'!
  14. Do you think it would really do that for just a few hours? Like I said, I am only planning to wear it for graduation... I was also considering silk naturals or pinkquartzminerals. Has anyone tried those brands?
  15. Thanks for replying I think that my skin is normal and fair... but I have no idea about the undertones... I definitely have something to cover up ): Some live acne and acne scarring. I'm not sure how much covering it would need, but maybe I'll post a picture of me in really bad lighting so you can see. And I was thinking about getting stuff from everyday minerals in the intensive formula, and I'd like feedback if anyone has tried that...