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  1. Hello again! Sorry for the shameless 10 month old thread bump, and sorry for not updating. I'll give a quick run through of my spiro experience for the past almost year, and my reasons for why I'm coming off of it. My skin pretty much remained clear, barring a few odd flare ups, for the past 10 months of treatment. Obviously cause of college and stress and stuff I wasn't very consistent on taking it, so that was a big part of why I had an odd flare up every few months. Another reason being tha
  2. Hello all! Today is day 23 on spiro (from 50 to 100 mg for about a week now). Things are still improving and I'm stressing less and less about makeup and what I'm eating . Again, still not sure if it's the atralin or the spiro but I'm gonna keep on both to be on the safe side. Only side effects experienced at all with spiro anymore is having to pee a bit more around the time that I take the medication. If I take it after a very moisture heavy meal and with a full bottle of water, I will be peein
  3. Hello guys! Today is day 14 on spiro and the atralin and things are looking better! I'm not clear by any means but I've been able to skip the liquid concealer and just pack on a powder foundation nowadays.. thank goodness just in time for college classes. I was actually more clear than ever yesterday, the day my cycle started, and I thought "wow I'm going to have a period without a breakout!". I must have jinxed myself though cause today I have a small breakout on my forehead and a few spots on
  4. Thanks, Green Gables.. it is very reassuring knowing that I'm getting at the root of things. I am hopeful that the atralin will do something for my skin this time around, but I am thinking that my skin, like yours, just may not be compatible with retinoids. Anyway, hello again... not sure if this topic should be in the hormonal acne section or if I should rename it because I'm going to turn this into a progress log type thing. Day 6 on Spiro: Not a whole lot is really happening with my ski
  5. Thanks Crisp89, very glad that you have truly found the root cause of your acne and that you are on a promising route treatment wise! I know not a lot of people, including myself, have really even tried to look into the cause and are more focused on just getting rid of acne ASAP. I'll be honest if I was given the chance initially I probably would have just taken the second course of accutane, but now I'm thinking maybe this could be the medication that settles things for good. Anyway, I guess
  6. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I wanted to hear, glad it worked out so well for you .
  7. Hey guys, so I've had mild acne since I was like 14 and I went on accutane when I was 16 for mild but persistent acne. The accutane cleared me up like a charm no initial breakout, but I'm 18 now and breakjng out again. It is not on my jawline really at all and the majority of it is on my forehead and inner cheeks (as in around my nose). I also get pimples on my chin and nose. I attribute this new breakout to oil coming back after accutane, but a lot of them are pustules and red pimples that do n
  8. Hello all! I haven't been on here for a while... but last time I was active I was in the process of getting on accutane after trying just about everything else. I ended up taking the typical 6 month course of accutane the beginning of my junior year and had a relatively good experience and clearing up quickly. I have stayed clear all through my junior and senior year but for some reason this summer I have started breaking out again. It started as a few pimples during that time of the month but t
  9. Yet another update because I felt like it was important to mention that I'm still experiencing the near fainting spells. They come on with absolutely no warning, I'm sitting in class and suddenly this tingly warm feeling comes over me and the room moves and I start to feel like I can't hold myself up straight. Again, never experienced this before taking accutane.. and I'm only in the first month (7 more days). Tried eliminating coffee from my diet and started eating more frequently incase it's l
  10. Hey, another update. Turns out I was just really sick and I guess I must have been really dehydrated to. I'm assuming the accutane had little to do with it, and I'm continuing to take it and experiencing just the normal dry skin and lips. Things are getting significantly better, my initial breakout was hardly anything, becoming hopeful .
  11. I went to bed around 7 last night and woke up at 7 this morning and feel significantly better. No fever and no aches. I'm not completely sure if this was related to the accutane, I could have just been sick..? But I'll try taking it again tonight and if I feel worse again I'll know it is the accutane.
  12. Hello all, I have a bit of an update. Today I ate a waffle for breakfast and a cereal bar before lunch and experience no fainting feelingz. However, I started feeling drained of all energy and came home shaking with a fever around 101. How probable is it that being on accutane for 6 days caused this? I could, most likely, just be sick, but to be safe I'm not taking a pill tonight. That way, if tomorrow I feel worse I'll know I'm probably coming down with something and it's not the accutane. I ha
  13. So, I'm on day 7 and I've had no dry skin, no dry lips, no side affects that normally people get at first. I have, however, gotten a sort of weird, and scary, side effect. On days 6 and 7, I've been having near-fainting spells, where my head will feel light and tingly and the room will twist and turn itself. Then after this weird spell goes away, I'll shake pretty badly, not just hands but arms and I can feel it through my whole body. At first I assumed it was low blood sugar, but reading up on
  14. Thank you, I've been really worried about the risks, but I'm also tired of all my friends feeling sorry for me and trying to recommend things I've already tried. And my mom constantly is nagging me about it and says I don't care about my skin. She's the one pushing me to try accutane because she's had such success with it, and she gets mad when I mention the risks of it. http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg571/scaled.php?server=571&filename=fdsgu.jpg&res=landing This is sort of what m
  15. I've been a member of here for probably over a year now. I used to post pictures and my regimen, but I gave up at it since my acne just got progressively worse. Anyway, I'll start from the beginning. First started to get acne when I was 12, although it never was bothersome until I was 13. I started using face washes and spot treatments, but it got to the point where I was spot treating most of my face. So I went to a dermatologist when things got bad, my forehead was ridden with pustules and