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  1. Hi everyone. So my face is very sensitive and red right now from acne marks and the many treatments I've used... my skin has been very very dry lately since I started using birth control for my acne. Im using argan oil as a day and night moisturizer but my skin completely stopped absorbing it!! Anyone know what I should do?? My forehead, and cheeks have crazy dry and rough patchss that flake...
  2. Honestly, it's probably a combination of both, but the major culprit is genetics. I blame 50% of my acne to genetics because honestly, everyone is so unique. I thought Accutane would take away all my acne but it never did. 4 months into my course, my hair was thinning and I was super super dry and STILL I had pimples. I find that dairy/nutrition related acne usually gathers at the chin/jawline area. If you find yourself breaking out the most in that area, then I would suggest to change your diet
  3. i feel like hiding in my room all day today. but i have to go with my boyfriend... sigh i dont kno what to do. and i gotta go to school too. i just wanna hide and not talk to or see anyone. my face is so red and bumpy i feel fucking disgusting.
  4. I literally want to kill myself right now. I can't stand this anymore.
  5. Moisturize like crazy before you put on your make up. After you moisturize, wait like, 10 minutes before you put on your make up so you are giving your skin time to observe the oils from the moisturizer. Good luck!
  6. Yep, happened to me. I flush like crazy. I hate it... but waiting for it to go away with time
  7. So, I've been off accutane for about 9 months now and my oil has all come back to me, which is fine. The thing is, ever since summer hit, my forehead (which is the MOST OILY part of my face, the t-zone) has been sooooooo dry lately. It's so dry and getting red and I'm breaking out. (I'm also breaking out from regular oiliness coming back..) It feels tight all the time too. Any suggestions as to why this is happening? THANK YOU!!
  8. Feeling frigging terrible. My forehead is like Freddy Kruger. So many under the skin bumps and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET RID OF THEM. I'm so frustrated. It's so gross.
  9. La Roche Posay. The intolerant line is amazing. I've been using it for the past week and it's changed my skin for the better.
  10. i feel terrible today about my skin, what's new. -__- i've been breaking out crazy this past month even though i was on accutane 8 months ago. knowing that accutane is so called the "last resort", the last resort didn't even help me. i'm back to where i started. i dont know what to do anymore. i'm so sick of this..
  11. just started following this thread. showing my support!! you look great.
  12. It's true. To us, flawless skin = perfect life. I believe in this too... But I also know that they don't see it that way. People with flawless skin don't have second thoughts about their skin so they think that we put too much emphasis on our appearance and our skin. So honestly, I don't even know anymore if I'm just being dramatic over my skin, or if they just don't understand. I wanna hide all day today too, but my boyfriend and I planned on going to this place 2 weeks ago... Sigh. Nothin
  13. Sigh. Honestly, we let it affect our lives too much. I've been having a bad skin week. Not day, WEEK. I don't even wanna see my boyfriend today... But I guess going out will make me happier. Hopefully..
  14. always. i ALWAYS want to lock myself in my room. im even embarassed to go out with my family. i cant look at anyone in the eye.. you're not alone
  15. sigh. WELCOME TO MY LIFE. whats even worse is when people comment on it. and when i notice they notice, i get even redder..