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  1. hi there, sorry to hear your feeling bad. I am too....I also managed to clear my acne up before with bp but it came back and bp doesnt work anymore...my doctor put me on diantte and ive taken a few months worth and my skin is worse than ever.
  2. ahhhhh just need little vent about my hate for acne. I suffered from moderate acne throughout my teens..finally at the age of 19 I thought I had solved it, no new spots for months, was amazing, never took that for granted...everyday I was thankful for my clear skin. BUT suddenly a few months ago my spots started slowly returning, now, 4 months on and my acne is the worst it's ever been...My skin is a complete mess, I spent so long getting rid of all those red marks and now i'm left with a hund
  3. thanks guys. I think you may be right when you said my acne is hormonal. I just switched pills and stuff. wow, my acne has never been this bad..I think the acne on my chin is bordering on being severe. I had about 7 new spots come up today and 2 new cysts plus about 30 under the skin bumps!! Even my mum took one look at my skin and said I really should get something for it so I'm going to my doctor in a few days time. It's making me feel miserable, I've had enough, I really thought this s
  4. Hi there, Just need to vent a bit really. I used to suffer from quite bad acne..I would say moderate. I only had it for maybe 3 years but it put my self esteem down to 0. After trying hundreds of products I started using BP and within half a year my skin was near to perfect...for the next while I barely had to worry about acne, although I was still careful about taking care of my skin and using BP. BUT just as I was starting to feel really safe after hardly getting any spots for a year...BAM.
  5. Hi, I've been using BP (but a UK type) for 2 and a half years now at least. My skin was pretty flawless for most of that time. I thought that maybe I would have grown out of my acne now seen as I will be 20 soon....so recently I had stopped using the BP so much. Well after a couple of weeks now my skin got bad again =( I got a break out of 5 big spots and about 25 bumpy things and loads of bigggg blackheads all round my mouth and cheek. Looked nearly as bad as I did those few years ago be
  6. hey thx for ur advice ..... i was using panoxyl and u know wat ,,, it flaked my face so much tht i dijt go for my job for 2 days ... my face was full of peeled skin ... horrible .... ill try quinoderm now ... how much does it cost ? can i get it in boots ?? does it come to 2.5 % ?? can i use eucerin with it ... thx .. i m frm london anyways .... . No problem. panoxyl made my face flake so much too, I looked like I had snake skin or my skin
  7. I have tried most of the BP creams here in the UK. I used to have moderate acne and a LOT of red marks. I tried panoxyl but it was too harsh no matter how long I used it for or how much moisturiser I used. I also tried OXY on the spot..that was OK but the consistency was a bit weird..kinda tacky. The best BP stuff i've used is QUINODERM 5. I have been acne free for 2 years since I started using that cream. I only use it once or twice a week now. My acne was so stubborn too and was just
  8. omg theres so many gorgeous people here. lots of hot guys!!!!
  9. well i've started doing more drugs recently, my skin was perfect for ages but I've started getting spots again, coincidently just as I also started smoking grass,hash, and takin coke and loads of e...hmmm...weird.
  10. I think it's rubbish when people say they can't get a bf/gf cus of acne. it's really just an excuse. I used to be with a guy who had fairly severe acne (i mean more severe than most of the photos on this site) and I absolutely adored him, his acne was never an issue. I still thought he was gorgeous.
  11. This stuff is great. use the 5 % though. Has done absolute wonders for my skin and a few people I know have used it to with the same results.
  12. Havn't tried freederm but in my experience the best over the counter treatment is QUINODERM 5 =)
  13. hmmmm, life doesn't change that much when your clear. I had kinda bad acne before and I thought if it went away I would be happy. Welll i've been perfectly acne free for ages.... I was happier for a while yes. Then went back to feeling unhappy. I think if acne effects you that much then theres a deeper problem. I know people with severe acne who still get loads of girls and have a great social life. Some people with acne just tend to blame it on all their problems. But for a majority of peop
  14. THREE THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: 1. My stomach 2. My legs 3. My eyes THREE THINGS YOU DON'T LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: 1. My nose 2. My chin 3. My boobs THREE PARTS OF YOUR HERITAGE: 1. English 2. Russian 3. Scottish THREE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU: 1. Ghosts 2. Being around lots of people 3. My family issues THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS: 1. Foood fooood fooood and drink(including alcohol ) 2. Music 3. Sleep, lots of it!! THREE THINGS YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW: 1. Socks 2. A sparkly belt 3.