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  1. My life and well being is worth more than you can offer.
  2. Let me just say its not what you think. I was wondering where to put this thread didn't want to put it in the medication section because people look there for cures and I don't want to be a pessimistic there so I thought this is a place as good as any. So you think someone actually cares and is trying to find a cure for acne. I mean something that 100% stops new zits from forming. Like all of you I've tried all the shit that is out there with only temporary effect. I really don't think it
  3. I just think you need to work on your confidence. My acne is 5x worst then yours (I am not exageratting) and I am also not very well build to say the least lol.
  4. Sadly because of my acne I am still not sure if I want to have kids. I don't want to have a kid knowing there is a good chance he can go through what I am going through now...
  5. A very inspirational fellow by the name Zack Hemsey has helped me a lot trough hard times. One of his newest songs I have listened 100 times in a couple of days. I can get it back. You need to go on his website and read the lyrics to fully get into the song. His songs envoke a lot of feelings and the way he writes anyone can relate This song in particular has become one of my favourites. Its about the loss of someone close and how that sorrow can affect you. It describes saddness in an ama
  6. I stopped believing in a god before acne. Now that I have had ance for 4 years, this hasn't changed only the fact that if there is a god, he can kiss my ass because I would gladly punch him in the face if I see him. That is about it really.
  7. I am in the same situation like you my friend. 4 years of my life just gone by with me just trying to get trough everyday hoping that tommorow when I wake up things will look different. That this time my efforts will pay off. But everything I try is short termed and I go on just living trough. Living trough everyday with as less human contact as possible. I hate going outside now, I hate being around people and I even hate being in the light. I sit in my dark room all day hoping that some day th
  8. Thats why I hate to talk about my acne with people. They always have a solution. I don't know it pisses me off that people think that you just take a magic pill or put cream on your face and the problem goes away, but somehow I don't know about it... Really? Its like I don't care enough to even bother to try and fix the problem. I guess I really can't blame them but its horrible to hear those things...
  9. Hi, I've never been on Accutane but decided to give you my opinion. From what I've read accutane can really turn your life around but the problem is it could be for the better or could be for the worst. The way I see it its a bit of a gamble, because if you react badly to it as some people have things can get worst. I also was considering it, but after reading more about what acne is (the idea that its a symptom not a desease and you should not try to cure a symptom but the problem that i
  10. Thank you for the reply. Luckily I did decide to stick with it and I still haven't stopped using it. Things started to get a bit better, but I am still breaking out but I will continue using it hopefully it will help. Again thank you for the reply!
  11. Hello guys, I decided to try out the Zenmed Derma cleanse system. Consists of the Dietery Suppliment, the acne gel and a facial cleanser. For about a week now I've been taking the Dietery suppliment 2 times a day, washing with the cleanser morning and evening and putting on the acne gel before bed - all this as instruced from their website and on the products themself. Here is the problem now, during this week (week and 2 days now) things got worst, now not really bad but much worst, I had 6-7
  12. thanks for the replys!
  13. Hi, first post here! I am 17 years old and I started getting acne last summer. Before that I had one or two zits but last summer everything went out of control. So It hasn't been an year yet and I just can't fight my acne. I am posting pictures because I consider it to be severe but I am not sure. So if you guys can tell me what to do I just don't know...