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  1. Hey!I tried this (glycolic peels) when my acne was moderate (pimples and some nodul-zit) 3 years ago, instead of the damn antibiotic pills (when I gave up taking it, acne always returned) and I have to say that it WORKED. Ok, it won't make your skin smoother as the peeling label's says, don't forget that it peels although you don't notice at first glance, but... break outs and many red spots tend to disappear:) Of course, it depends on the concentration degree of glycolic acid (I think that 30%
  2. Hey,I have been reading some of your posts related to vitamins supplements and I wanted to know if it really works. I mean, as far as I can see, you take zinc, a, c, e vitamins and fish oil tablets (to say some of your daily routines...), and it seems that you are not satisfied with the results.I'm taking onagra oils pills to regulate hormones (i'm a female of 24 years old) and from time to time I eat a raw garlic (it's always good to depurate your stomach). Even so, I have always 3 o 4 pimples