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  1. I am just getting over a HUGE cyst that I have had for about 2 weeks now . My face was swollen and I had a hard time eating because the side of my mouth was swollen too . It felt like it was about a 50 cent piece size . I used alot of ibuprofen , and also used a " draw out salve " on it . It drained for about 4 days . After it started draining I used triple antibiotic cream on it . I have kept it covered . Going to the dermatoligist in a week . ( this was the second huge cyst I have got within
  2. Hi . I have been using BP for quite some time on my face. My problem is , it bleaches out all of shirts / tops . Sometimes I put it on right before bed , and when I get in bed and roll on my side , my face touches my pajamas and bleaches it out . I cant ever wear anythig nice . I have been trying to wear white tops , but you can only do that so much . Is there a BP available that doesnt bleach your clothing ????
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    Hi . I am almost 47 years old . The last few years I have been noticing bigger , kind of flat lumps on my face . For CHristmas this year , my mother in law gave us a trip to Florida . I have never been on a vacation before , and I was so happy . ( I also have never been to FLorida) About 3 weeks before our vacation one of the flat lumps got severely inflamed. I used a draw out salve and moist hot packs to try to get the gunk out . It took the whole 3 weeks to get it where it wasn't embarras