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  1. you do seem to have some minor/shallow atrophic acne scarring, however in my onion the discolouration looks a separate issue. I suspect some laser would help with this. It could potentially be due to veins under your skin. You are lucky that discolour is usually easier to treat than atrophic scarring. Is there some dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon specializing in laser treatments near you?
  2. DIfference is, and a quick comparison of both doctors' Instagrams will show this, Dr Emil does not claim miracle results and does not manipulate his afters, at least nowhere near the same extent as Hussein/sk:n clinic do... Husseins are awful, blatant manipulation, I mean I don't know what laws or standards apply to cosmetic advertising but if there are any his must contravene the lot and then some... All his laser "afters" where patients are still so visibly red that swelling must surely be pre
  3. fig 21 is very very blurry, at least on my laptop. Really cant tell what her skin looks like in the 2 after photos. Fig 10 she has very minor scarring to begin with and again the after is a bit unclear. Remember it is very easy to disguise the results with the lighting - a fair comparison is in fact harder and requires more effort on behalf of the surgeon/photographer. So unless the photos are appearing in lower resolution to me than to you I would say too blurry and inconclusive to l
  4. Looked at DR H's instagram (drHconsult that is, not the skn clinics one), I'm pretty unimpressed. I mean all professionals use flattering photo skills, but his are a joke. The use of shadowing is so blatant it makes the before and afters utterly redundant. Embarrassing really. Simultaneously amateur and arrogant.
  5. seriously dude, this is so minor, treatment is not warranted. Anyone treating you is taking your money for nothing in return as nothing can be improved there. One or two tiny icepicks. If it gets worse with aging, botox is your friend.
  6. Too minor to treat, do nothing. Any attempted treatment not worth the risk as very little benefit to be gained from such a good starting point.
  7. Keep it moist (light moisturiser) and put healing cream on it (savlon or sudocream, if you can get either depending on where you are, or any antiseptic healing cream you can buy, prefarably one with zinc oxide or other zinc derivative). It will heal and look a lot better soon.
  8. I accept I was taking a risk with these comments and I was going to refrain from making them. However when I see someone so determined to improve their appearance and going through aggressive efforts to do so, I decided to take that risk. I was equally reassuring that I don't believe the acne scars are as severe as he perceives, and perhaps an underlying lack of confidence is exasperating his perception of them, and that lack of confidence could have another source. So as much as I risk off
  9. @TF- In my opinion your scars don't look half bad, I was expecting worse from your title and descriptions. However, you do appear to have a considerable underbite, visible in your side profile photo, with your lower teeth and chin jutting out far beyond your top teeth, unless this photo misrepresents it.. This is what stood out to me from your photos, more so than the scars. If this is an issue, it would be expensive to fix (braces and/or surgery), but would bring real improvements to your
  10. Looks too minor to warrant destroying your confidence. Keep acne under control, and the redness from the old ones will fade. No scar action warranted.
  11. I'm no expert but from years perusing these forums and general research, I would put you firmly in the "it's too minor, best to do nothing" category. For the effort treatment often involves, you stand to gain very little in my opinion.
  12. Do you have any before photos? Looks like quite a standard nose skin to me — many people have enlarged/scarred pores on their nose as it is an oily area. Me included — mine looks very similar to yours and i wouldn't list it in the top 50 things I am concerned about my appearance. It could be that you only notice it now, after you did something to the area. Overall, looks very minor and I would think time's healing effects plus something to take your mind off it are the only sensible t
  13. @beautifulambition thanks for your response. For refresher, I am in Dublin in Ireland. I have posted pics here previously - basically a mix of scars on forehead and temples. I reattach a photo below for an idea. I have consulted 2 plastics and one dermatologist. One plastic suggested excision for a couple of scars but she wasn't confident of great results and said location was poor (near frown muscles in forehead so muscles would pull on new scar left after revision). The other 2 sugg
  14. Hi all, I'm booking in for Deep FX laser resurfacing. Scars are on forehead and temples with a couple on one small area of cheek. Rest of face is scar free. Any advice as to whether to get full-face resurfacing or just the areas with the scars? Clinic have stated doing half-face could leave some visible contrast between where the laser was and wasn't used. but it should fade in time? Price is only half for half face, but if best to get full face I'd do so... Any advice, or better
  15. yeah they are rubbish & aim to deceive - stay well clear. As a general point, a place that is a "Cosmetic & Laser centre" will very often be ran by a few aestheticians as opposed to doctors, and will probably be focused on wrinkles spa treatments, hair issues, i.e. easier issues, and are best avoided for a complex area such as acne scarring where you need a specialized dermatologist or plastic surgeon.