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  1. Do you have any before photos? Looks like quite a standard nose skin to me — many people have enlarged/scarred pores on their nose as it is an oily area. Me included — mine looks very similar to yours and i wouldn't list it in the top 50 things I am concerned about my appearance. It could be that you only notice it now, after you did something to the area. Overall, looks very minor and I would think time's healing effects plus something to take your mind off it are the only sensible t
  2. @beautifulambition thanks for your response. For refresher, I am in Dublin in Ireland. I have posted pics here previously - basically a mix of scars on forehead and temples. I reattach a photo below for an idea. I have consulted 2 plastics and one dermatologist. One plastic suggested excision for a couple of scars but she wasn't confident of great results and said location was poor (near frown muscles in forehead so muscles would pull on new scar left after revision). The other 2 sugg
  3. Hi all, I'm booking in for Deep FX laser resurfacing. Scars are on forehead and temples with a couple on one small area of cheek. Rest of face is scar free. Any advice as to whether to get full-face resurfacing or just the areas with the scars? Clinic have stated doing half-face could leave some visible contrast between where the laser was and wasn't used. but it should fade in time? Price is only half for half face, but if best to get full face I'd do so... Any advice, or better
  4. yeah they are rubbish & aim to deceive - stay well clear. As a general point, a place that is a "Cosmetic & Laser centre" will very often be ran by a few aestheticians as opposed to doctors, and will probably be focused on wrinkles spa treatments, hair issues, i.e. easier issues, and are best avoided for a complex area such as acne scarring where you need a specialized dermatologist or plastic surgeon.
  5. @HuskyChef I don't use much social media & tbh prefer to keep my health related stuff separate to general life. But feel free to message me any questions etc here and as I said I'll be sure to update you anyway with how I get on in January
  6. very high quality photos which confirm no atrophic scarring - just some redness pih & some active small pimples. Just focus on getting a regime that works for you and keeps the flareups away, but current condition good and no action required nor warranted.
  7. @Nemesis 89 If you were sure of both improvements and no long term risks then yes of course ... but the problem is you cannot be sure of either... and the lack of improvement risk is much less important than the risk of long term damage, of course... My advice would be to wait until 6 months after all lingering redness has passed from the last one before considering a second go. Even at that point, doing further scar treatments is fine, just maybe not such an invasive one. And of co
  8. I’d be very careful about doing another session of the same laser. Sounds like it was a very invasive procedure. These carry long term risks, sometimes permanent side effects such as pigment loss or pigment change... particularly risky if you are of eastern/dark complexion. I’d wait until the redness is long gone before considering going again... But just my opinion. i would also add that don’t think another session will necessarily bring you the same level improvements.. no guarantee of th
  9. @beautifulambitionBA is there anything to be said for Phenol CROSS as alternative to TCA? Apparently similar results without the widening associated with TCA. But doesn’t seem to be widely used ..
  10. Original poster... you’ve got one scar of any sort of significance.. otherwisejust enlarged pores on nose and some shallow ice picks/enlarged pores on cheek. i would maybe advise TCa cross on the one scar... But you are really in the category where the risk/return of doing anything is questionable. Your skin is good dude...
  11. Hi all, Not quite a scar treatment query but I guess it fits here better than anywhere else! I'm a male with moderate/severe scarring. I'm awaiting a consultation with a view to hoping to do something to improve it. But I expect a long difficult journey awaits! I'm considering ways to help improve their appearance in the meantime. If I could disguise 2 or 3 of the bad ones, even reducing their harshness, I'd feel better. Options i'm considering: 1. I purchased Dermaflage pr
  12. I'm booked to see Eilis Fitzgerald (Plastic) in January in Dublin. I haven't heard acne scarring testimonials for her but I like her website - not in the promises she makes of fixing the scarring, but rather her honesty on the difficulty treating them. She says she only uses lasers after surgical treatments so she's not leading with the doomed cash-easy laser route. Fingers crossed. Failing success there I'll probably look to London, but hope to avoid having to! I'll let you know how I get
  13. i won't go into too much detail... but I would say that Dr Lim seems both genuine & talented. BUT he is not exempt from the laws of science. Those laws being that acne scarring is extremely difficult to treat. I would be skeptical as to some of his before & afters as they are routinely in different lighting (even a slightttest of difference in lighting makes a huge difference) or slightly different angles. or as mentioned above are too soon after the surgery. He's human in that he want
  14. Laser generally does little to nothing for acne scars. Non-ablative lasers always do nothing. They are easy revenue for the doctor/clinic but poor for patient. Avoid!
  15. Thanks @beautifulambition . I have inquired to meet a Plastic in Dublin who is v familiar with subcision. I'll see what she says when she sees me. I like the idea of using laser at the end as an overall smoother. One thing you might be able to clarify is the ablative v. non-ablative treatment. I see online that ablative is what is required for any considerable acne scarring and that non-ablative will not do much if anything. Is this generally true? I recall reading somewhere that multiple non-