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  1. I also just started, today is the third day. The redness isn't as bad as I feared, but I'm not using BP on my whole face (trying to use only where I have acne) and it looks pretty weird right now. It might just be my imagination, but this 5% BP feels less harsh than I recall Panoxyl's 2.5% being. Something I haven't missed is the itchiness. It'll probably be hard to sleep for the next few nights.Trying my best not to scratch, though. And yeah, if I could buy Dan's in the UK, it would mean th
  2. All I can say is that I wish I hadn't stopped. Yeah, the routine annoyed me but in hindsight I should have kept going. If you want to stop, then don't stop cold turkey, but gradually reduce it, like tricky says. If you notice yourself breaking out, you'll always have the option of going back.
  3. Ive also had to move up to 5% and my skin has started to get used to it now, technically you can dilute it with water (1:1) and have 2.5% BP but I couldnt tell you if it would still be effective, tecnically it should be because most BP creams already contain water. There's no avoiding the redness but think to yourself that you want to get it over with for the summer time so if you start now your skin should be better by june giving yourself realistic deadlines help a lot when treating acne. I
  4. Sounds a lot like what happened to me, too. Panoxyl discontinued meant that I could no longer get any (reasonably priced) 2.5.% BP. I stopped and tried some other stuff, but it only got worse. It's calmed down a bit now, 4 months later, but I'm not comfortable and I miss what my face looked like when I used BP. I want to go back, but my best option today is sadly a 5% BP, and I'm worried that it'll be too strong. The initial redness also freaks me out for some reason. I know that it'll pass but
  5. I went from applying BP twice/day to nights only, and I had no problem to stay clear (I counted the odd spot as clear - good enough!). I still cleansed and obviously moisturized in the mornings, but at least I didn't have to do the BP part. Might be worth it for you to try once/day only, as I've also seen others who have done it successfully.
  6. I can't remember exactly but I don't think it took me longer than a month. I was clear in a picture I took after having used it for nearly two months. I only have mild though, so that's probably a factor. I hope it'll work as fast and well when I start using it again next week, but I have my doubts due to having to use a 5% BP.
  7. I've heard both yay and nay regarding TTO, but I have been curious about it. Perhaps I will try it before BP. Whether I'll do nothing, go for BP, or try TTO, I will let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, keep encouraging others because the Regimen really works.
  8. Apparently it's a gamble to import BP from the US to Sweden, so I'd rather not risk it (imagine running out and have the next order taken by customs). And yeah, I thought SPF15 would be enough, but it wasn't. I will be more careful in the future, lesson learned. Face isn't looking as bad as I feared, so at the moment I'm considering trying nothing. But I bet something will show up that will change my mind soon, heh. I'll have to work with what's available, simple as that. Gonna see if I can pic
  9. I get pretty much the same recently, but I haven't shaved in a month around there. I'm thinking that it could be due to toothpaste since it's more around my mouth than anywhere else.
  10. Welcome! There was a topic on products available in Sweden somewhere, written in Swedish. I think in the International Supplies section. Anyway, what you can also do is to order cleanser and moisturiser from the UK. Not sure how the price compares to Swedish products, but the Cetaphil range is inexpensive. The shipping costs a bit though, so I'd order plenty each time. I used to do this while Panoxyl was still available, now I'm not sure what the best way is.
  11. Apologies for the late reply as I'm on a trip. It's pretty evident that tea did very little now, as it's been weeks without. Yes, if I was still a teen I wouldn't despair. But I'm clearly not outgrowing it (age 29) so I'll have to work on finding a working treatment. I'll go back to BP for now because I don't need a lot of it to stay clear. As for the questions... I have eliminated sugar and dairy as I'm sure that it gives me acne. But I'm struggling to find the other causes. To be fair, thoug
  12. Foolhardy. I'm out in the open with acne that would have crippled me if I wasn't on a trip. It's like I have nothing to lose. Shame that it's so hard to apply the same attitude at home where things are more permanent.
  13. I don't know how quoting works on the phone (on a long trip), but I quit for two reasons, I guess. First, Panoxyl was discontinued. Since I can't import Dan's BP, my only 2.5 BP was removed. Second, I couldn't get my skin used to BP after restarting it in the summer. I burned my face in the sun and after that the problems began. Thus I kooked into green tea again. While it helps a little, it's not enough. Acne seems to appear mainly in the area between the mouth and chin. I get some large spots
  14. Seeing your results makes me wish I had never stopped BP. I was perfectly clear but foolish me still wasn't happy! Strongly considering starting again, because as you say, it had huge impact on my confidence.
  15. It's been a month since I switched from BP (after slowing down for weeks) to green rooibos, and unfortunately I haven't seen any improvement. Constantly getting new spots and some large, painful ones as well. I don't know what to do - I really wanted this to work, but maybe I'm one of those for whom it doesn't work. I can either keep using it a little longer, since I thought I didn't give it enough time my last attempt, or move on. I'm aware that diet can be the culprit, but so far (1½ months),