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  1. Thanks guys...I guess?? Maybe I'm just paranoid. I just feel my skin is not perfect. Or should be the way it needs to be. Like I noticed based on light that is present my skin looks different. Like sometimes I can see the dark spots in certain lighting and in others it looks like my skin if flawless. Like in my avatar my skin looks nice, but thats because of lighting. In other lighting it looks less appealing imo. I just want to get rid of the dark spots. And what about reducing the size of p
  2. Thanks. I corrected my mistake. From research I've been told that Hydro quine, black soap and shea butter may work. I don't know that is why I'm here. Plus the word butter scars me.
  3. Okay for some reason when I post a link it does not work?
  4. Hi, my name is Casey. I'm new to the forum but have been lurking around a few times. I decided to join. So this is my sad depressing story. I have never really had a problem with acne. But I am not perfect. I would get that 1 pimple once in a while because of poor diet, pillow cases, and hair products. I also had a poor acne IQ. Which resulted in me popping these pimples: ..mostly whiteheads...BIG MISTAKE!!! So I woke up this morning all tired and stuff and decided to take pics. My Problem: