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  1. Dear all, I am not much on the forum anymore these days, but I thought I should share the positive experiences I have had with a treatment. I was absolutely desperate because my acne was a side effect of medication that I could not do without. The only thing that kept me kind of clear was 2.5% BP panoxyl which was discontinued at the time (the 10% didn't do the job as well and irritated my skin) on top of that I became allergic to BP... My acne was severe enough to get accutane but I couldn'
    More affective than all the other over-the-counter creams I have found in the UK (with the exception of Panoxyl 2.5 which was better at quickly clearing acne) It doesn't dry your skin too badly and so far I haven't had any flakiness Dries really quickly if you rub it in little by little It doesn't ball up when you apply sunscreen over it (well, not with me anyway!) Stings pretty badly at first Can produce slightly white sweat
  2. Hello Mike, Thank you very much for the suggestions! I will definitely try them out! Re: strobhoy, thanks for forwarding the email! I contacted them as well and received the same email. The acnegel was far too irritating. Haven't tried the cream though. It's such a shame they are going to keep producing their less popular products! Thank you both for the replies! Ellis
  3. Hello everyone, as you have probably heard the panoxyl aquagel has been discontinued. It was the only product that helped me clear my severe acne... I ran out of it 2 months ago and I am back to where I started: full of pimples and cysts I have tried prescription gels like Epiduo and Duac (didn't help), I have also used Dan's BP for a few months (together with all the regimen products - only helped very slightly) and I have also tried Quinoderm... It seems to help the best so far but the
  4. hello Resery, Thank you for your reply! Really appreciate your story! feeling safer now x take care x Ellis
  5. Hello everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read through this post I have been following the regimen for 6 months now and I am using Panoxyl as a replacement for Dan's BP. I have always avoided the area around my eyes and mouth as it says on the package. Now I have noticed in Dan's video that he applies BP generously on his upper lip and around his mouth. I have a few pimples around my mouth because I was afraid of using BP in case I would accidentally ingest a small amount (like whil
  6. Ellisx

    chances of irritation are very small great moisturizer not toxic like some essential oils a little goes a long way can sting and itch a bit somehow never absorbs fully when used with BP I am using jojoba oil as a moisturizer. The first few weeks I felt a lot of stinging after applying it... the itchiness occasionally occurs again but not as intense. If I apply it straight after cleansing. When I don't use BP it seems to leave less oily residue on my skin... this might of cour
  7. Ellisx

    works GREAT :) cheap 1 bottle goes a long way smelly until it dries ACV has greatly helped with my acne! I started off using it undiluted which was of course silly... my skin was red for days of course. Then I started diluting it 1:1 with water and it is much much better. It felt far more natural. I still apply undiluted acv with a cotton bud onto active pimples without touching the skin around the pimple. It instantly reduces the redness and visible white tip of the pimple (not sure w
  8. Ellisx

    leaves skin feeling clean and soft not expensive can sting in the beginning, especially if you have just started using BP or other topical acne treatments, but this will get better after a few weeks! I use baking soda after cleansing as an "extra cleanse" and exfoliator. It leaves you skin feeling really soft and clean which is why I like it so much! I don't know if this has helped greatly to reduce pimples because I started using it when I started applying ACV and lemon juice as toners...
  9. Ellisx

    works! smells nice! stings until it dries... I use lemon juice as a toner after cleansing in the morning and I use diluted AVC at night. It works great. I can feel that it helps to maintain a good pH level and I also feel less breakouts forming... You must be patient though! I have been applying this for 2 months now! Hang in there and don't give up!
  10. Hello Acne Security :) Thank you for the link! My PanOxyl has just arrived today... I guess I will just have to give it a go! Thank you for suggesting the nutrigena alternative. I have heard good things about it! Will definitely keep it in mind if things get ugly with PanOxyl! xx Take care, Ellis
  11. Hello DesiAngel! thank you for this information! I am happy to hear that other people are also switching between brands. The leaflet just made me worry a bit because it made it sound like changing to other BP after Epiduo could have harmful effects... if it is only an initial breakout at most, than of course you could consider that "normal". I hadn't thought of that though... I thought that once the junk under your skin had come to the surface with one BP it would not have another breakout wit
  12. Hello, I have been using Epiduo gel for about 3 months now and I have run out of it. My next appointment with the derm is mid july and I would like to use an alternative BP in the meantime. However, I checked the Epiduo package leaflet and it says that even over the counter gels should not be used shortly after having used Epiduo... I was wondering if anyone has tried switching BP brands without a pause? Would it be better to just stop using anything for 3 weeks rather than trying another bran
  13. Hello, Thanks for your thoughts I have called a few doctors... They just don't seem educated in the field of natural remedies... Didn't get much out of it other than: try a prescription medicine instead! They only know about the antibacterial qualities... They didn't even know that it could potentially cause convulsions with epileptic people... I have done some research myself and it seems that there simply hasn't been enough scientific research on these kinds of essential oils to determine
  14. Hello everyone Yesterday I tried applying tea tree oil for the first time. I mixed 60 drops of water with 10 drops of TTO and put it in one of those tiny nasal drop containers... I shook the mixture well until it turned grey and that when I applied a bit of it on my active spots (not all over my face) I also used a cotton bud so I didn't touch any areas of skin that did not have an active pimple... Overall I think I applied it to 6 pimples on my face... Yesterday I couldn't sleep because I s