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  1. naw, no good for blackhead in my severity, otherwise there owuldne a blackhead forum. the problem is dificult to solve.
  2. pores blocked with the sweat and dirt and dead skin, you cannot get ridda them aslong as you have pores. they also enlarge pores. i got what you say, i cannot get ridda them, ive tried many thign son here but shit damn nothing.
  3. unfortunately we do not have switches that can turn thigns on and off
  4. yes i know how you feel, to the nth degree. but get ur ass out there and live, cuz i am slowly getting 'there', whatever that means
  5. just do what you feel like doing, don't think too much, toerhwise itll be dawsons creek all over again
  6. all songs are depressing, if you are depressed.
  7. yes, it makes me feel terrible, i couoldn't imagine having severe acne again, id kill myself.
  8. too scared, i can't blame them, but trust me, its harder this way though
  9. nah, spots on the penis is normal, only they shouldn't be like the usual spots you get, cuz the skin on the shft is stretchy
  10. self esteem is another thing, girls can smell it a mile off, ifyou ain't got it, its not good.