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  1. Ok, it's now been 20 days and no side effects. No real dryness, no increase in acne, no reduction in acne. i thought i'd be seeing some signs that the roaccutane is working, but so far: nada. kind of disappointing. at least if there was a flare up or drying out I'd know the iso was working. i'm wondering if the dose is high enough. i'm on 20mg 1x daily. May not be enough. seeing the dermatologist next week, so will discuss it with him then. i'm tired of acne!!!
  2. I realise that taking care of my skin and getting it to a standard that I'm happy with takes up quite a lot of time. I've spent hours trawling the internet for information on what type of cosmetics to use, what cleansers, moisturisers and body washes I should be using. So far I have tried: Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash. Apparently not so good because it's drying and has facial irritants in it. I'm also trying AzClear foaming facial cleanser. This is actually quite good and proports t
  3. Hello, after reading a few blogs on peoples' experiences with Iso. I thought it would be a good idea to start a journal of my experiences. I'm 34 and developed acne again about 3 months ago. I'm not sure exactly what caused it, but it may have been a mix of stress and using jojoba oil as a cleanser. Not sure. Anyhow, tried everything and hoped that it would just resolve. I've always been prone to acne and break out every now and again, but nothing like this. Benzoyl products work minimal