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  1. Hope you had a great christmas, im just going through and seeing who'se still around and all =) take care eh

  2. Where have you been?! I missed you *hugs*

  3. we're missing you girl! hope everythings ok with you.. it'd be a shame if you left for good

  4. Hey! I hope you are okay. We miss you.

  5. hey how are ya? i don't know what that means lol...

  6. being a mod is alrite...just another reason to become addicted to this site.

  7. aight val howz the craic ?

  8. I never had 50 cysts all over my face at one time. I've taken Accutane and have been pleased with the results. In my case, my only regrets are that the results didn't last forever, resulting in my taking multiple courses. Why do you say that "all the side effects are terminal and deadly?'' Isn't that overkill? That is not true. Dry skin = side effect. Is it terminal? Deadly? Accutane is a strong and powerful drug. And it has strong and powerful possible side effects. I've been willing
  9. It's rare for a cortisone shot to leave a permanent scar, but it is quite possible it could leave a temporary indentation. I've only had 3 cortisone injections and had the indentation twice, but it usually is not that common.
  10. I'd take the first option because I've already lived with terrible acne for going on 10 years. It's totally sucked ass, but if i was guaranteed clear skin in another 10, I know I'd survive. I'm most afraid that I'll never ever grow out of it.
  11. It has its moments. stunned that you have "i wish i had a gf in your interests" :-O

  12. I would start off with just ONE product that treats acne, and I'd probably pick BP first. The cleanser and moisturizer are fine, of course. I wouldn't incorporate the AHA/BHA until you are not experiencing irritation with the BP and after a month at least. If it were me, I'd choose just AHA to add first, because using BHA and BP together is usually not recommended and can cause a lot of irritation. Hope it goes well for you! I've always wanted to get my hormones tested.
  13. They look like blackheads/enlarged pores to me.
  14. sweet. i'll have to check it out. i'm a bit afraid to try makeup that's flashy since it's been so long!