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  1. Looking to finally treat my acne red marks. I'm in my early 20s Asian. I have moderate acne red marks on both cheeks/ lower jaw line, mild acne scar. I was thinking about v beam, any one have good result from it?
  2. Hi, all I was wondering, Does reddness of my acne scar's will eventually fade?
  3. i ate chicken couple time of the week. Didn't really noticed acne breakout. My question is does chicken or protein in general cause acne? I want to start building some muscle and to do that i need to eat lots of chicken.
  4. monster625

    Red Marks

    ME, Red mark about 3-4 month.
  5. Prom is next week and my face has many red mark on both cheeks. I know i can't clear them up before prom. Is there any way of fading them? I have these red mark for 3 month they alway red. They don't seem to lighten I try many product none seem to work. . I was my face 2 twice a day with cleanser. I drink lot of water daily. My face alway oily around 3 pm. I don't if it scar or red mark left after ance, or flat pimples. My face looks oily on the picture it because it put some cream on it.