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  1. glad it is going well! I am doing the microdermabrasions as well and they are AWESOME! I have problems with nuts too, all of them(so far that I can see) especially almonds.. how weird.. they "feel" like they should all be good for us, oh well.. good luck:)
  2. i think back to a derm, sometimes it is just the right combo you are missing..like trying 3-4 things you were doing before all together.. plus have you ever gone to a med spa? I am doing micropeels and having success... I think diet can help but wont cure , so it should be a part of what you to next , but not the sole solution.. you can look at my signature for my diet and topical routine..just dont give up!
  3. ok two things 1- easy fix on the make up front is to go to sephora or an ulta store they will tell you what to wear and even put it on first to show u what it would look like. I personally use bare minerals which was recommended by my a derm. and you can not tell I wear it and it covers ANYTHING . 2- I think you have may have an anxiety disorder as well(I do, so does like 1/3 of the usa) - no biggie and an easy fix just go see a doctor and your whole world will change
  4. I no, sucks. I talked to a health insurance agent and he was researching plans for me ..don't know if you've done that. BC pills can always be gotten at clinics for a redic low price or free......but best of luck
  5. i think it reduced the swelling and made pores appear smaller and did not aggravate pimples at all.. however.. I think it may have made my face overall a bit red right after, i think maybe just the roughness of the aspirin grains , take it off very gently and maybe try it on a weekend or at night... after the mask i went on with my normal routine including topicals... if u do get a little redness maybe try adding chamamile tea or licorice root(as i did)....and try popping some aleve!
  6. OK so this will generate a ton of pro diet-causes-acne people responses... but I ve been inyour place- doing crazy diets that dont work- and I think I need to share what I and my aethetician and dematologist all agree on(DRS and trained professionals): diet does NOT cause acne...certain things can make it worse but it doesn't cause it. ok? SO dont go nuts on the diets it is mentally and pysically unhealthy. I think your own body does cure it eventually and then usually you start getting wrinkle
  7. it helps with scars and active zits, jsut had one yesterday and it is bad asss...excuse my language:) I am not red today at all except the zits themselves peeling lasts 3-4 days? The first time was a much bigger peel this time is much more mild ..I think your face, as it gets better, peels less and less...it is not scary the first time was like a bad sunburn type of peel and this time is like how i peel from too much retin-A
  8. whatever works works period.. a pimple takes 2 weeks or more to go away so try n relax they WILL NOT go away in a few days no matter what others say... that said I have recently tried taking aleve(according to bottle but don't take for more than ten days) and doing an aspirin mask(both aspirin and aleve are anti inflamatories) and it seems to take the swelling down a bit might be worth a try--it is cheap and easy..aspirin mask is just grind up non coated aspirin till fine and add water ( I add a
  9. i recently got acne on my cheeks... I beleive it to be hormone related esp stress(I was having panic attacks when I got it) I have been doing micropeels and then jsut check out my signature for the rest of the routine
  10. it sounds like you are almost on dans regemin, have you tryed it ?? I would suggest that, it workd for me till I got on some meds that cause acne(awesome)
  11. i say yes it matters , it matters very much... as a tip my dermatologist went over and over again the importance of mineral make up and I just didn't beleive in it/ didn't think it would give coverage and then maybe after three times of lecturing I bought it and I will never ever buy anything else... I use bare minerals
  12. I don't know if anyone has checked out the pinned aleve topic in adult acne? it is supposed to help with hormonal acne you just take it before or during your period I am trying it now and it seems to be working so check it out... I am not allowed back on yazmein b/c of side effects.maybe ask your doctor?..my acne it maybe 50% hormonal so anything in my signaure may help as an alternative... and I am starting to believe in the milk connection..
  13. why not do the bp during the day and differin at night I was on something similar from a dermatologist and it worked well(she actually had me on duac during the day whichis half bp.. if u can get the duac DO IT if not do the bp)... bp should be all over..maybe follow dans regimin on how to do it, just substitute your differen for the night time BP:) actually there are hormones in all milk , no matter how you spin it (organic /raw ) ... because the hormones are growth hormones and are there to h
  14. yaz/yazmein miracle! bad side effects in the news lately so do your research:)