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    I'm keeping this album mainly to keep myself motivated. If I can see clear improvements, that should give me enough motivation to carry on with the regimen.
  2. The clip on the new pump is there during shipping. You remove it for the first use. There are just 2 types of pumps right? Then: Old pump: ball/cirlcle-shaped nozzle New pump: rectangular nozzle Let me know if that helps. Otherwise I'll shoot a picture of mine.
  3. To be fair, there was some leaking of my old pump BP upon arrival. Not much, the 'neck' of the pump was covered in it, but nothing else in the package. But yeah, the "use 3 pumps!" pamphlet was confusing, especially since this was my first batch ever. *Is curious about the moisturizer… I read everywhere that the yellow one I received is inferior :/
  4. Yeah, I was also planning to work to 3 pumps, but it seemed like so much! Hmm, I'll stay at ~1 pump of BP, twice a day, for another week I think. It was rather high to start with, but I've done it for a week now. Maybe I'll decrease it a bit though, if this irritation when applying BP and moisturiser keeps increasing…
  5. Thanks for the clarification Seems my cleanser and BP have old pumps, and the moisturiser a new pump. Makes sense, 2 pumps of cleanser seemed sufficient, 3 pumps of moisturiser too, and 2 pumps of BP seemed like a lot.
  6. I got my first batch of treatment a week ago, along with this pamphlet urging me to use three pumps of everything. Of course at the start of the treatment I use less, so I went with 1 pump of BP. But still, comparing it to the amounts shown on the regimen page, it seems like that's a lot. As far as I can tell, two pumps seems to be more than the 'final value' shown. So yeah, I'm getting pretty dry skin now, after a week, and some flaky-ness around the lips. This is pretty common though, at firs