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  1. It's branded a UV Floodlight but the light wave is 415nm which is pretty much devoid of ultraviolet radiation according to all the research on it's use for Acne. They do this bulb in 390nm as well which is UV radiation, mine have the wavelength written on the bulbs so I'm not worried. My treatment is going well, been off the tetracycline for quite a while now and the combination of blue and the infrared heat lamp really does work. Had a slight break out these past few days but that's defi
  2. I would check the instructions if you get just a bulb, they get very hot. You might need a ceramic light bulb fitting. An all in one lamp would be an easier option. I agree Wikkid, finding something that works and doesn't take up too much time is the main goal. When I stopped taking the tetracycline I expected to be plagued again by spots but the red and blue light is keeping them at bay quite nicely. I only spend a few minutes under the blue light now, with three bulbs I can cover a lar
  3. I have the one with the handles, some are more powerful than others. They have one on Amazon for £17, which is very good. I wouldn't be able to use topical antibiotics on my back, even if I could reach it I would be using a hell of a lot of the stuff.
  4. All you need is 90 seconds of blue light to kill the bacteria, that's what it says on the information leaflet with the Enlux bulb I bought from the Acne company. I was also watching a video on YouTube of a woman receiving professional Blue and Red light therapy in a clinic by a Doctor - he just ran the blue light device over her skin in seconds - literally a flash or two then done. Gave her a little longer with the red light afterwards, that's what shrinks the sebaceous glands and reduces the in
  5. I have used it on a regular basis, the effect does last so you don't actually need to use it every day. My nose pores are still shrunken and the rest of my face is still benefitting from the peel I did the other day. As you are just starting you should go slow. Read the instructions that come with the peel, no residue left on your face, once you've used the activator which is bicarbonate of soda based you should have a good rinse. Soft skin is what I feel.
  6. When I first got the peel I used it every week or so, first you have to let your skin get used to it and remember that the peel is just the catalyst for what happens next - your body doing it's thing, shedding the dead skin and revealing the newer fresher skin underneath. You have to let nature take it's course. I don't get too may spots on my face so it's my nose pores (T-ZONE) area I used it on. Test a small area first, don't just slap it on your entire face. It's very painful, stings like
  7. That's the one, they have better looking bottles now, when I bought them off EBay they were just clear ones. They might still have their EBay shop but I couldn't find it earlier. If you have oily skin Salicylic Acid works best, if not the other ones are meant to be better. I'm up to 30% strength now, but you have to start low to give your skin a chance to get used to it. It still stings like crazy when I apply it. I just gave myself another peel tonight and the pores on my nose have closed
  8. [Edited link out] This is the one, they used to be called Forever Young on Ebay but now they have their own shop, there is lots of information on their site about what peel works best and how to use them correctly - probably why I bought from them in the first place. UK company so you know what you're getting. There are many sellers on EBay if you type in skin peels.
  9. That is one of the many benefits listed for Infra Red light, it tightens the skin and increases collagen, reduces inflammation. The one thing that has closed the pores - I have HUGE dreadful ones on my nose, is Salicylic Acid, I buy skin peels off EBay, it stings like hell but after a few minutes you wash it off with water, or the deactivating liquid some sellers include. After a day or two the skin starts to peel off but the huge pores I have were reduced to nothing, it's only temporary th
  10. I am very impressed with the Infra Red lamp I have been using, Blue light kills the bacteria while Infra Red Light shrinks the sebaceous glands apparently. The Infra Red light penetrates very deep into your skin, far deeper than Blue light and really seems to be helping. I quit using Doxycycline and was quite worried what would happen but apart from a few desperate lumps here and there attempting to break their way out from under the skin I am quite relieved at how my light therapy is keeping th
  11. If you can afford it, I hope it works. You'll look like Seven Of Nine from Star Trek Voyager, it's pretty high tech.
  12. It will be 220v as it's sold here in the UK, you probably meant how bright/powerful is it. That's expensive, even with all three pads on it barely covers the face. This is why I ended up with the Enlux bulb, it covers the entire face in one go and you can be done with it. I have three of them now, so I'm happy. I just took a picture of one of my bulbs against the wall, pitch black room and look how much light these things give out. If it wasn't for the postage and VAT getting it sent fr
  13. Mine is working out fine, got my tripod and dual light holders - my bedroom looks like a photo studio. It's scientifically proven to work so chances are you will benefit. See my thread a little down the page for what I bought.
  14. Just got my Enlux 415 nm violet/blue floodlights. I did buy one first from a specialist acne website and regretted it shortly after when I realised I could buy them for $60 a go at Wiedamark rather than the $240 + postage to the UK and VAT and that £8 'handling fee' I ended up paying. 'Google is your friend'. To be fair the site does show the floodlight in high quality photos and had I been a bit smarter. Anyhow these are the real deal, they are not the cheapo LED's with the glass bubbles on
  15. Red light will make them darker. I have some on my face that faded after childhood and after using my red/blue bulb I was shocked by how much darker they had become. I had the bulb very close, so that might be the cause, they faded back to normal once I stopped for a while though.