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  1. So I went to the chemist and got the Clean and Clear face wash and Oil of Olay moisturiser. This morning the Benzoyl Peroxide arrived in the post so I'm good to go treating my face.As for picking, I've not been too bad but I've been no angel. I've not had any massive picking sessions and my face is looking a lot better for it, even before I started the regime. My back however is an entirely different story, I just cant help but run my fingernails along my back and pick at any little bumps, it re
  2. So I thought I'd write a blog so I can share my experiences on the regime and my attempt to stop picking at myself. I'm a compulsive picker. I do it without thinking often i'll be just sat watching tv and my boyfriend will tell me off for it. The thing is my skin doesn't actually look too bad when I leave it alone for a few days. After a massive picking session I always feel guilty. I've got more spots on my back than my face and with summer coming up I want to be able to wear loose tops a