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  1. I just found this thread. I posted a similar one. I HATE Junel. I was on Microgestin for the longest time. NO issues whatsoever to speak of. Then I was given Junel as the substitute because they didn't have microgestin (another generic). I break out from it constantly, especially on my neck, where I never broke out before, even when I had acne problems. I am going to go back to Microgestin when I am out of packs but am trying to finish out my ;ast 2 packs of Junel because I can
  2. UPDATE: Definite difference. In a good way. Was also having some trouble with B/C pill. So far, this seems to be countering that.
  3. I eat a lot of vitamin A sources--the easiest being pumpkin (canned, pure) in my oatmeal every morning. It helps a LOT, plus it keeps me full for HOURS. With a little pumpkin pie spice, it's like having dessert for breakfast! And it's cheap--about a .75 breakfast each morning. I'm also sure to take some omega 3s in the morning, lunch, and dinner.
  4. Try bringing something! That way you are assured there is a dessert you can eat.
  5. Honestly, I think you need to eat a lot more, just more balanced. Being hungry all the time is not a good thing, nor is it healthy for your body. When you are hungry, your body is telling you to eat. As far as what made you sick, who knows? It could have been the spinach or something, or it could have been a 24 hour flu thing. I had that happen once with a veggie burger. Hasn't happened before or since. Just one of those things. I read your other post as well. I think you should speak
  6. There is no B12 in vegetables. B12 is only found in animal products, such as meats and fish, and eggs. A b12 deficiency can be very bad for you. It can affect your nervous system later in life and lead to all kinds of problems. If you are vegetarian you should be taking a supplement (many multivitamins contain b12) or make sure to eat a lot of eggs, fortified soy milk (which can be controversial), fortified cereal, etc. If you are not eating enough animal products, or supplementing, you
  7. I am totally in your same situation. Meat and over consumption of hard boiled eggs gives, even pasture fed eggs, give me acne (tested this again--it's definitely a culprit). However, soft eggs do not (scrambled or omlette/quiche fashion). It's quite wierd. I think it may be a digestion issue or for some reason perhaps I have a tough time digesting large amounts of "solid" protein or something. It never fails--I consistently break out. I do have no issues with dairy (all grass fed) or even
  8. Well, I don't know if I can "recommend" a brand on here because it could be construed as advertising. I'm sure all of them are good. The brand I have been using is Amazing Grass--the original green supplement, not any of the flavored ones. They also have one of just wheat grass but I like the blend, as you get spirulina and broccoli also. It seems to be very good for the price. It is on the somewhat expensive side (about $30, though I'm sure you can find it cheaper online somewhere) but tha
  9. I have always heard that matcha tea is best. That is not a brand, but a type of tea. You can buy it online places like teavana, etc.
  10. I do believe those things are in this supplement. You don't need a blender for it, you can just shake it up in a closed cup. It's a little gritty, but, who cares?
  11. Has anyone used a grass green smoothie supplement and noticed a difference in skin? I just bought some of out curiosity the other day at the health food store. I don't think I can say the name here but it is a green drink powder with spirulina, wheat grass and other such things. I have totally noticed it curbs my appetite (though I am not interested in losing weight) and gives me a little boost of energy. Its not been long enough to see any skin differences, has anyone else tried this an
  12. I believe legally (at least in my state) they are indeed allowed to substitute brands if the dosage is the same and they do not carry the prescribed as long as the dosage and etc is the same and the doctor has not checked "no substitutions." (This pill is "the same" as the old one--same hormone dosage of applicable hormones--but it is a different brand--but both are generic). The old pharmacy told me there was no way they would be able to get the old one in, so I switched to a pharmacy that di
  13. The above poster is correct; poultry is not allowed to have growth hormones added to it from what I understand. I have heard that sometimes they do add them to the eggs so the chicken grows with them; however, I am not claiming thati s true. I have no idea about that. However, that does not mean it is necessairily high quality meat or high in nutritional value.
  14. AV, Yes, my diet is the same. Generally I am actually working on improving it, such as adding more healthy fats, etc., as I learn more about nutrition. I would of course get a pimple here and there, before, but not like now. It is insane. I also have been breaking out on my neck and back, something that never happened, even when I had worse acne. The only thing that has changed is the b/c pill I am on. Going off the pill has crossed my mind; however, my husband and I really don't want to
  15. Well I was on the other loestrin type generic...no problems whatsoever. I really liked it. No cramps, no acne, nothing. But this one is so awful! It is just new little pimples every day.