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  1. I'm gonna leave it alone for 4 days to see if thrs a difference in color Although I think it won't really change a bit I got it by doing something stupid I rubbed my skin too hard while on retin a because I was trying to make the scar more shallower stupid me, they weren't even that visible now I have this pigmentation that won't come off that's notisable in person
  2. I recently have got 3 acne scars Very shallow, but the problem is that they keep changing color they turn brown or red if I put something on it it turns red, I think it's still healing I really just want my scars to change color to my skin color That way it be easier to put makeup on with ought hiding the hypopigmentation, It's a bit tricky layering makeup to cover the damaged skin I want to change the color, I bought bio oil, maderma, cocoa butter, natural aloe verra, And a cheap hydroqui
  3. No a fast will not fix scars or improve them, a fast won't do anything for your scars Your best bet is to see a dermatologist What freshman said
  4. The adapelene benzoyl should help with yr breakouts To get a chemical peel Just Google spa near you that offer glycolic peels U can also do them yr self Just Google glycolic acid 30% peel even amazon has them available read the reviews before choosing It comes in a small bottle You have to prep the skin by washing the face then using alcohol then apply a thin layer Wait a couple of minutes depending on the instructions and then you neutralize it with baking soda and water But
  5. Have you tried tazorac, some type of retain a? That could help with yr skins texture just don't pick while yr on it If you want something to nourish yr skin Try a lotion with bio oil in it or bio oil by itself, but for some ppl it might cause breakout but it's cheap like 10. Bucks just try it Try leaving yr skin alone and just wash with purpose wash (dermatologist recommended) and moisturize But if you decide to try something strong I recommend retin a even though u don't like to exf
  6. If it's not pitted, when you apply makeup then it's not a scar Example, when you put the makeup on if it's totally smooth yr skin texture then it is not a scar If yr having trouble covering yr scars and having to reapply and layer when applying makeup to fill in the indents then that's a scar As far as lighting goes it's tricky in some lights it looks better and in others it looks worse but still you should be able to detect yr own acne scarring Especially when applying makeup But thrs
  7. From what I read, I didn't read all of it, but it's basically a combination of skin needling and the added blood gel I do believe that just with the skin needling itself you can improve yr acne scars, scars need some type of trauma to reveal new collagen, so it makes sense why this would work, the blood gel is just an added bonus to the treatment
  8. anti depressants can lower yr sex drive try getting something tht can lower yr sex drive
  9. i have the same problem but unfortionatly they dont last long i can make the skin change back to its original colr by adding a oisturizer on top and taking a antihistamin honestly i have no idea what its called i get the red patches after a shower or from change of wheather would love to know what this red patch is like the pic norwacne posted above me
  10. the one on yr hand looks like ringworm ring worm is a fungus not an actual worm just thought id share have yr primary doctor look at it try some benadryl maybe some witch hazel for the itching hope it gets better good luck dude