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  1. Hey, Ive been on roaccutane for 5.5 months and I occassionally still breakout but my marks from pimples that healed 2 months ago are still there and its so frustrating but I think exfoliating is fine to do 2 or 3 times a week as long as u always moisturise. My derm said that this medication makes the marks look redder and brighter than they are and ur whole face as well, and hence once we go off it they will start fading much quicker. How long do u have left and what dosage are you on?
  2. Hey Guys, I am currently on 60mg per day on roaccutane and have around 4 months left on this medication but have plenty of red/dark marks on the areas where pimples have healed. In the past these marks would likely go away within a month but now on roaccutane some have been present for 2-3 months with minimal change. Just wondering if anyone can provide me with some of their experiences in regards to these red marks and if they are meant to heal quicker once u finish roaccutane? Any help would
  3. Well I left a pimple a few weeks ago for more than a week not touching it and it doubled it size,pain and redness so leaving it definitely wasn't the best thing I've done,when their this big if I popped it at the start or left it after being so big it would still leave a red mark,so in all it depends on the type of acne you have if their smallish u can afford to let them be. Acne is the worst :(
  4. I dont fully agree as lately since Ive been on roaccutane Ive tended to leave more pimples alone and try to do the right thing but it seems the longer I leave it the bigger and more pus-filled they get and hence the longer it takes to go away,not sure why this is the case but it definitely sucks
  5. Hey mate, I'm from the beautiful land of oz as well just read through ur posts and it's great to see you being positive about all this I'm finding it pretty hard but I'm trying to think one day it will all be worth it.For a facewasher I use cetaphil which is really good doesn't dry out my skin like most others do.After doing a lot of reading I think being on roaccutane makes our skin weaker and more susceptible to leaving marks after our pimples clear so I'm not too worried about the red mark
  6. Thanks for the reply,have u been on roaccutane before and what was it like for you? I just cant understand why it takes so long to work properly when its something you desperately get on to fix your skin problems and it makes it worse.
  7. hey guys, Any help here would be great please. Im currently in my 16th week on roaccutane and my face looks way worse than when I started the course. I got onto this med expecting it to clear my skin and it has only seemed to make it worse and Im confused as to its effectiveness and if its working for me? Also,the red marks after my pimples clear are taking forever to fade,is this normal? Please help
  8. Hey, Im currently on 40mg per day,only changed to this at week 9 mark before which I was on 20mg per day. Apparently,Im on a low dosage for a longer period than usual and will have to have at least 9 boxes of roaccutane to finish the course which is not for a while given Im only on my 3rd box and at my current dosage I will consume about a box a month. Its a hard decision as I want to keep going as so many people get cleared and Ive already gone through all this heartache in the past 3 months b
  9. Hey all, Im considering getting off roaccutane given it is not doing anything beneficial for me as of yet. Ive been on it for 14 weeks now and my face still looks worse than when I started with new pimples coming up every week.I thought this stuff after a bit of time would stop new acne coming out but it seems to be doing nothing positive,has anyone got any advice for me before I get off it?
  10. Ok thanks for that but would you know the process that roaccutane takes to clear your skin,some people say it pushes all the bad stuff out of your skin,some say it doesnt its all confusing?
  11. Hi guys, I am currently at my 11th week on roaccutane which has been a very slow and difficult process so far.For the first 9 weeks I was on 20mg a day and now I have been increased to 40mg a day. Last week it seemed as if it was clearing up but as it usually does I have broken out again this week. I seem to be confused with the process of roaccutane so any help would be great.I thought that it would get rid of all the acne already on my face when I started the medication and for a little while
  12. Hi all, Just wondering the strategies you guys all use to overcome your current position and remain with a positive outlook on life? I finding it very hard when I'm at work to keep it all together
  13. Seblove, I like your positive attitude,wish I could do the same. Just wondering how long your course was and ur dosage? Also did you have any remarks after your acne cleared up,if so how long did they take to clear? Is it true your skin is weaker on roaccutane?
  14. Just wondering the strategies you guys use to stay positive and not give up on the medication cause I'm still breaking out and it's very hard to accept,you have grave doubts it will ever clear up
  15. It's so hard to accept this all happening when this stuff is meant to help get rid of the acne,what dosage are you guys on? How long is the usual course?