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  1. Hey guys So I'm on my second round of accutane after getting rid of my acne successfully for four years. I'm on my 10th day and the break out has gotten really bad. And Im graduating in a few weeks but I have a bunch of interviews coming up for new grad positions. I just want some tips or tricks to help make it look like I don't look like a breakout king when I'm being interviewed. As well I think I should lay off shaving, ant recommendations to any trimmers/shavers? Thanks a lot
  2. So I thought I would create a blog about Accutane Round 2. I originally had bad acne, however I was put on a dose for about 4 months and it all cleared up (When I was 18) I'm turning 22 now, and acne has slowly started to come back and I started to get a feeling that it was coming back (as sever as my first time). So I got to my derm and he put me on 40 mg Accutane. So the first few days were okay, I recently started breaking out NECK (oh man it's bad, plus it's interview season so this