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  1. Hi. I've seen that some people are trying to get hold of Dr Chu and just wanted to say I had a treatment with him last September (isolagen and subcision) which had mixed results. I had a bad reaction to the subcision and the second set of isolagen injections. The general appearance of my skin improved but I ended up with a couple more scars (improvement is supposed to be approx. 30% from these treatments). As my scarring was relatively mild I felt sad to have ended up with more scars. I was told
  2. Thanks everyone for the reassurance, I have obviously got to be patient and wait it out but it's so nice to hear that other people have been through similar experiences and still come out the other side quite pleased with the results. Hen, how long until the mump-like bumps went down, these sound like what I have. I'll go into the hospital on Monday and see what they say and whether I'm overreacting. It sounds like you've all been happy in the end with the subcision and isolagen ... It's day 5
  3. Hi Kolobos, Did yours appear like lumps on the surface too? 5 weeks is so long! I emailed Dr Chu who emailed back saying it was probably inflammatory spots as my skin feels warm and a bit itchy. So now I'm thinking that I may end up with a worse problem than I started with. He is now on hols for 2 weeks and said to make an appointment with his assistant on Monday so I am stuck for the weekend not knowing how bad this might get. Did you feel a bit misled by the downtime? I was told it would be a
  4. Hi, I'm panicking as 4 days on from subcision I have some bruising and general swelling (which I expected) but have also come up in lots of large, hard lumps all over my cheeks that look like I have exceptionally bad and large spots under my skin. For the past 2 days there has been absolutely no change in this and can't see them going down in the near future. My cheeks feel hot and a bit itchy as well and I am due to go back to work on Monday and can't face it looking like this, piling on make-
  5. Hi, Just thought I'd give my feedback on isolagen and subcision which I'm having with Dr Chu for mild scarring at the moment. I had my first isolagen injections a week ago and despite some pain with the injections (the cream anaesthetic works for some people but I could definitely still feel every injection!) they were over quickly and though I looked horrendous straight after the redness went down within an hour and by the end of the next day there was barely any marks left. Today I had subcis
  6. Hi there, I'm having isolagen and subcision done in July, is there anyone who's had Dr Chu's treatments who have before and after pics? All the ones on the commercial websites look doctored and I haven't seen any other successful pics., anyone else find themselves worrying about things like 'what if I get someone else's cells instead of my own'? This is the problem of waiting months for treatment, the worries build up! Good luck Liz, I hope you have a success story, Rachel
  7. BulbuR01


    Hi there, what do you think of the results so far for the subcision/isolagen? I'm having 2 injections of isolagen with a subcision done inbetween in June and would love to hear whether you think it's made a difference, as the cost is going to cripple me and it seems unlikely that anything is going to work as well as I'd like! Dr Chu told me that subcision prior to the isolagen injections enabled the isolagen to work to its best degree. I think mine is being done inbetween the injections as m
  8. Thanks for the info hen. I hope that the next 6 months see a great improvement...keep us updated, I'd love to hear about the first few months progress before I start my treatment. I'm due for my first injection in June, then subcision then the second injection. I'm not sure why Dr Chu suggested to do it that way but I will trust in his expertise! When you say you are carrying on with the subcision do you mean you have a few more appointments? Dr Chu said I didn't really have any tethered scars
  9. Hi hen, I haven't had this procedure yet but I have literally just this morning booked in with Dr Chu to have injections and subcision later this year after a lot of weighing up of how bad my scars are compared to the risk(and at the new price, £3500 for 2 x 2ml injections, phew!). Dr Chu didn't mention that there could be a reaction so I am interested (and worried) to hear of yours. It's a bit scary to think that maybe the isologen isn't quite understood yet. After your face calms down, al
  10. Thanks for the info, can you tell me with subcision is it realistic that my dr said just to take 3 days off work?? I've read other reports that make it sound like it can take a couple of weeks for marks to fade and I wasn't intending on telling my work what I was off for but maybe I'll have to!! and also is there any risk of subcision causing more scars? I know this is something I have to do as otherwise I will always be wondering but I don't know what I'd do if it made my skin worse...
  11. Argh! I'm about to go for it and get isologen injections with a subcision session inbetween and would really like for anyone who's had one or the other or both of these done to help me prepare for it by telling me how it went for them, how they felt and looked straight after the treatments and the fabulous (?) results they've had from similar treatments. I have (I discovered today) got rolling scars by the way....