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  1. One thing that may help you would be to take some Aleve or ibuprofen (this should help reduce inflammation; many people said that they preferred Aleve though ibuprofen seems to work just fine for me.) I saw a thread about taking either one of these to help women before and during the periods to reduce hormonal breakouts and the inflammation that comes along with it. Maybe this will help? I can see a definite improvement personally though I only take it when I really need to to reduce the ris
  2. I think I've had the same problem (it's hard to get a good picture of them, I know!). I went to the derm and was prescribed a retinoid. It's helped tremendously. I also started using an Olay face wash with AHA and it has helped a lot too. Maybe you could try that first? Good luck! Just don't mess with them because there's really nothing you can do (learned that the hard way..)
  3. I went to the derm for some mild acne on my forehead (small white heads and some other small, flesh colored bumps like blind pimples) and he prescribed me the retinoid Atralin. All is pretty much good and I haven't really been peeling except for a little around the bottom of my nose, but now the pores on my cheeks (which wasn't a problem before) and on my nose (which wasn't that big of a deal either previously) are noticeably larger and I can see more blackheads on my forehead. I now have tw
  4. Hi all, Over the last few months I've developed some strange, flesh colored bumps on my face that do not want to go away. They are mild but visible in certain light. After much searching, I think that they can be classified as blind pimples and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to treat them. I heard apple cider vinegar helps. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  5. Loose leaf tea is awesome. It's very relaxing too; I struggle with anxiety problems and I noticed when I started drinking more tea, I felt a lot less anxious. My friend had some high quality Japanese green tea which she didn't particularly care for so she just steep a lot of it together in a pot and drank something ridiculous, like 5 cups a day. Anyway, she told me that her face was so clear! Unfortunately the tea was expensive and she didn't like it that much anyway, but it really worked wond
  6. I didn't try the salt but I found something that works really well! Lipton green tea! I've been researching about skin conditions, acne and diets the last few months because of my break outs and I found a gem of a home remedy. Green tea is awesome because it is anti-inflammatory and many people incorporate it into their anti-inflam. diets. I've been using a salicylic acid wash the past week with some progress but not much. I decided to try a green tea mask and it did wonders! My bumps are almo
  7. I'm not sure if this will work for you but I've had really good results. Take a bag of Lipton black tea and steep in very hot water. After it has cooled somewhat (so you don't scald your skin!), presses the tea bag on your pimple and hold it there for some time. I usually get tired of doing this after about 5-10 minutes so normally I rip the bag open and mix the leaves with some mild cleanser like Cetaphil (something that doesn't contain harsh substances like BP or salicylic acid) to make a s
  8. I'm having very similar problems with the bumps on the forehead. I think it's a hormonal problem. Someone on the thread I created mentioned a facial salt bath that sounds promising. I haven't tried it yet but maybe it will work for you. (Second post: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Prom-weekend-stress-a-t294256.html EDIT: For some reason the link isn't working but the title is 'Prom this weekend'. It's still on the first page.
  9. Do you know if Epsom salts will have the same effect? I have some of that handy.
  10. I've always had pretty clear skin until this year. Now, I'm not complaining, but I realize how good I had it when all I had to worry about were blackheads on my nose (which now I just cover up with some powder anyway!) My problem now is that my forehead has been breaking out in strange, flesh colored bumps that aren't pimples or anything that I can classify. I have noticed fairly minor, though annoying, break outs around my period (I have feminine hormonal problems) but I am not on it currentl