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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breakthrough_bleeding
  2. Has anyone experienced an increase in break through bleeding while on Accutane? Did it go away when your course was done?
  3. I saw several posts on here that posters recommended using saline sprays/vaseline to help with nasal dryness/bloodiness. I haven't seen anyone else post on this so I thought I'd share, my apologizes if it has been mentioned and I missed it, with you guys. I suffered severely dry/bloody nostrils when I moved from the Pac NW back to the desert. I saw my GP, who gave me a suggestion on how to treat it, and at first I thought he was joking. He said to buy a water based lubricant (unscented)
  4. I'm not sure about the albumin. My cholesterol is always low , 120's or so, and my derm didn't really care. He said he'd prefer it be low than high. You didn't post your cholesterol ratio so hopefully that is decent. Good luck:)
  5. Does your insurer have a website you can log into and calculate your treatment expense ? I have United Health Care ( I'm in Phoenix ). My cost is $35 for the RX , $40 office co-pay, and my labs are fully covered. Basically $75 a month which I don't think is too bad:)
  6. I agree with what all the ladies above said. I did switch to using a primer for my eyes/face because of the dryness. It seemed to help combat the flaky look.I love Lancome's primer but Sephora has some store brand ones that are cheaper. Laura Geller's Spackel is great too. Stila products have been working out for me well also, especially the lip glazes. Waxing, no. Looking into treading in your area or become really patient with a pair of tweezers. I got waxed on Retin-A-Micro and my s
  7. I'm going through this now in month 4. It's on the backs of my hands, tops of my feet, and forearms. Saw my derm last month about it. He said if it itches it's likely eczema but if not it's probably a retinoid rash. He gave me a RX locoid lipocream which seems to be healing it up real nice.
  8. I just started month 4 @ 80mg of claravis. Online studies indicated that most people have a 30% increase in cholesterol. To start, my total was 122 and now it's 186 total which is an increase of 64 points. How much did yours go up? Or is there anyone that maintained?
  9. So you're taking 20mg only once weekly? I wasn't aware they prescribed it like that. I started using 20mg once daily for my first month. I barely had dry skin and just dry lips. My skin didn't really change much during that time & dose but I'm in the same boat as you - nothing else has worked ( I only have moderate cystic acne ) and it was a last resort. Month 2 when I was bumped up to 40 mg is when I started noticing changes. My derm told me that most changes are usually within the 2nd
  10. I haven't seen anything on this and was curious , what is your doctor visit schedule after accutane? I obviously see my derm once a month now. Prior to Accutane I would only have to go in when 1. The medication I was on stopped working 2. He wanted to check my medication results after X amount of time. So what do they do when you are done? Do you check in every X amount of months? Or only if it comes back?
  11. I'm in the US as well so I'm not sure how helpful I might be. Where I live we have LabCorp which is basically a lab you go to for the draw. They are all over and I can go to whichever one I want as long as I take the paper from my doctor with the account numbers. I generally have my blood taken at a lab near me and they send the results to my dermatologist which I usually see 2 days after the draw. Here because of I-Pledge ( my GP is literally across the street from my derm ) my GP doesn't pr
  12. I don't think there is any magical phrase to have it prescribed. Personally, I think demanding it of them has a tendency to put the doctor off. I do sympathize with you because I am in the same boat. I have moderate cystic acne which many others do not think is bad but to me, it's awful! We are our own worst critics! My derm has been working with me on and off since 2004 ( some time lapses of several years due to relocation). As you probably already know - Accutane is reserved for only sever
  13. I have moderate cystic acne but because my body failed to respond to all of the oral antibiotics I've been prescribed my dermatologist felt it was time to start accutane. I met with him today, got the papers, booklet, etc etc. What I'm confused on is the initial lab work. He told me to go take a urine pregnancy test today and then complete a blood panel 3-4 weeks after that which would then become a standing order. When I was reading in the book it said that your 7 day window starts from the
  14. I've been taking Bactrim DS 2x daily for about a month. For the second & third weeks my jaw was killing me. I mistakenly thought it was just my TMJ acting up but I soon noticed it didn't hurt when I'd forgotten a dose or when I woke up and hadn't taken the dose yet. By the time I figured it out, it had stopped hurting so I didn't bother my doc about it. Either way let your doc know ASAP.
  15. I use Retin-A Micro .04% . I used it often during last fall and took a break during the winter. Currently, I am using it again and not having as many side effects ( very red days, constant face dandruff ) but still some. What I struggled with before were all of the questions about my face from people in the office. Was I upset? Did I need a really good sunscreen? Etc. Most of my co-workers in my immediate area, that I know well, were very kind about it (They were given the full story by me!). I