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  1. Excuse the thread bump however does anyone know of similar products in the UK to the 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide that Dan sells? I love the product as it keeps my adult acne pretty clear (along with a strict diet). The problem is since Brexit the drop in sterling now means it is approaching £50 a bottle once I factor in shipping, taxes, bank exchange fees etc. Many thanks
  2. Hey Quadboy, Yeah I know it is really strange - all the stereotypical healthy foods seem to break me out whereas the unheathy stuff doesn't! If I ate enough sweet stuff i would gain the weight but I would also feel pretty terrible. I generally avoid all processed, unhealthy food but I wanted to make a point of noting it doesn't make me break out. Does anyone else have a problem with foods high in phytoestrogens? I think they could be to blame for me (amongst other foods of course). Thank
  3. Hi guys, Apologies as this thread is somewhat of an excuse to vent more than anything else... It seems I can either be skinny and have great skin or be a healthy weight and have horrible skin - anyone else on this same roller coaster? Off the top of my head the following foods give me acne - dairy of any kind, olive oil, seeds, nuts, avocado, coffee. The following give me acne if I eat more than a little - oats, rice, pasta, oily fish, fruit (incl tomatoes). Strangely I seem to be able to
  4. Thank you everyone. You look in good shape TOTGA ^^
  5. Thanks for your reply Moonlight. Won't the rain basically wash away the BP though? I mean you wouldn't think to rinse your face after applying the BP. I guess I'm just worried
  6. Hey everyone, I was just wondering what people do if they get wet / it rains? I cycle to and from work so always take some BP and moisturiser and reapply if I get wet. Is this necessary or am I being over cautious? Sometimes it is often not that convenient to do so. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, Not sure what the point of this post is really, maybe just to vent a bit... I have had acne for about 12 years now (I'm 28) it mainly affects my face, upper back and upper chest. I get the occasional bit on my arms and thighs. Diet seems to be a major trigger including the following foods: Dairy Eggs Animal fat Fruit Olives and olive oil Tomotatoes Nuts and seeds Sugar Beer, ale, cider, wine (spirits less so) Caffeine Possibly nightshades (not absolutely conf
  8. You should experiment with cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, and in-shell nuts (buy them in shell, then you shell them yourself), and see if these make you break out. Sugar and fruits can make you break you if you eat a lot in one sitting, and eat little fat at the same time. Just start experiment with these also, so that you can see how your own body reacts Hi OlympusMons, Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if I have had cold pressed EVOO but I know in shell nuts cause me to break out.
  9. For me there would be signs in literally hours rather than days but good luck!
  10. Ok so yesterday I binged all day stupidly justified it by saying today I'm starting eliminating certain foods to then slowly bring them in etc anyway this morning my skin looks the best it has for ages! Unbelievable! I literally ate biscuits, chocolate, crisps, drunk coffee and beer all day! Now obviously I'm not going to eat those things because they're unhealthy but it is making me question was exactly breaks me out and I'm starting to wonder if excessive amounts of coconut does (I previous
  11. Thanks. I eat a lot of fat - mainly avocado and coconut; unfortunately dairy, olive oil, nuts, seeds break me out. I find it can be hard to find the true culprit because of the number of variables including not only diet but lifestyle. EDIT: another thing to remember is I have recently started putting the central heating on in the evenings for a couple of hours which always makes my skin worse (along with the cold weather).
  12. Does whey protein isolate cause the same issues as standard whey? I assume so being as it isn't a lactose issue but I'm struggling to get enough protein now as meat and legumes appear to cause me issues and I worry about metals in fish etc. As for the OP best to just see what happens as everyone is slightly different. For me dairy causes me so many skin problems where as wheat & gluten not so much (still wouldn't recommend for optimal health though).
  13. I will test it out by only drinking water. The only food I know for certain that doesn't give me problems are vegetables everything else is either certain or still to be clarified.
  14. Ok each time I think I have my diet sorted I have a set back. I have found meat causes outbreaks (even organic, grass fed) so I thought I would start eating beans (organic, dried) to get protein in however they seem to be causing me issues - are they a likely cause of acne? EDIT: Just a thought I have been drinking coffee every morning where as I normally have tea - would this be a cause? I hope it isn't in a way because I love coffee.
  15. No I still have more reading to do. Will have a look at links in your signature - thanks.