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  1. I started Tazorac cream a week and a half ago with Doxycycline 100mg. I now have a Rash on my chest and it's shiny and red and itches and burns, Should I stop using it? Or just let my skin adjust?
  2. Screw all these chemicals and acne products don't waste your money(Trust me i've spent thousand's over the past couple years on them). The cure is in your House right now! Just drink 80-100 oz of water a day and You will be acnefree in 2 weeks - a month depending on how much acne you have. Trust me. Just try it.
  3. Great signature :)

    1. Short hair helps alot with neck, forehead, and Back acne. That's why i cut mine and my forehead has cleared up probably 60%. Also i think short hair looks really hot on some girls. Like alot of people say girls should have really long hair because that's the way it's always been but like Emma Watson looks really hot with her short hair. You can pull it off.
    2. sounds like normal irratation. Try the AHA+ instead of the BP maybe.
    3. Diet has alot too do with your acne.
    4. I have that sometimes. don't be worried about it. It will be filled in within 48 hours. except i use AHA+ for it.
    5. The regimen takes longer than a week. Try washing with Dan's cleanser 2x a day and using AHA+ after.
    6. Your awesome :]

      1. I agree with Duck, You should go to the Derm and get it looked at.
      2. I'm not sure if i could try that. seems too risky
      3. Really? I can't stand it. It tastes like crap.
      4. I Hated differin, it stung and I used it for 8 weeks straight with no improvements , thats great it's working for you though! the only thing i've seen improvements with is Dan's AHA+
      5. Yeah, try decreasing how much junk food you eat. I stopped eating a bunch of chocolate and i've been drinking probably 6-9 glasses of water a day and i feel awesome now. Healthier and it's clearing up my skin.