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  1. holldoll07

    Delayed Update :)

    My skin is currently clear and has been for the last six months Hopefully it stays this way....... Current Skincare Routine for my acne and redness Morning: cleanser (dosn't really matter what kind..i used clean and clear foaming cleanser for awhile but recently switched to biore combination skin cleanser because clean and clear was starting to sting my face) acne.org BP Eucerin Redness Relief Perfecting Lotion Night: Cleanser Epiduo (has made a world of difference!) Mario Badescu
  2. holldoll07


    Sorry..im really bad at keeping up with blogs..I have't really updated because my skin really hasn't seemed that much different during the past month. Buttt....My skin seems better today! I've gone two or three days with clear skin (except the smallest whitehead forming). I suspect this will not last long...expecting a breakout around my nose because there are a bunch of congested pores on the sides of my nose (ugh i hate those type of zits the most ). Fingers crossed that my skin will keep ge
  3. holldoll07

    Acne.org Regimen

    Hopefully tracking my progress :)
  4. holldoll07

    breaking out again

    Breaking out again...ugh. Hopefully this clears up soon. Two good size pimples and a small one :\ I need to get on top of taking my vitamins and drinking enough water again as well...
  5. holldoll07

    no zits today! *knock on wood*

    yay no zits today! maybe i'm actually making process but I find that whenever I get excited about my skin clearing up a big ugly zit shows up shortly after.....one step forward two steps back. O well, at least I'm taking a step forward and not only backwards
  6. holldoll07

    Just another wednesday..

    Today I have had two small white heads..and I have just discovered another small pimple that is about to turn into a white head. Annoying. But I am very thankful that it is not turning into a larger pimple! I tried the AHA again last night and I avoided the areas that looked like they were about to give rise to pimples (I can usually tell where I will get a zit because I have little bumps under the skin) and it amazes me how much it helps with the flakiness. I also loaded on the the jojoba oil.
  7. holldoll07

    Flakes suck.

    My skin has been really dry and flaky this last week. AHA helped take care of some of the flakiness but I feel like it continuously broke me out...either that or my skin just sucks...its hard to tell if it was actually the AHA. I want to use it again but I don't feel like breaking out more than I already am :\
  8. holldoll07


    I recently saw a youtube video (http://youtu.be/2sF1Ky1jcYE) on vitamin supplements that have helped someone's acne. I have heard of using vitamin supplements before (and I have tried it somewhat) but I am always overwhelmed by all the different supplements to take. I am also usually not diligent enough to take them everyday because I usually forget if I have already taken them, and then I then just choose not to take them in fear of overdosing ha. The guy in the video is currently taking 9 supp
  9. holldoll07

    Joining the community

    Hello world. So i figured I needed a place to channel all of my emotions and find a place where I can vent since it does not help to do it in my personal life I am currently week seven of the acne.org regimen. I had a very bad break out week two of this regimen...and it has improved since that break out...but it has not really improved since before I started the regimen I dont know if this regimen is really doing anything. I feel like the dryness counteracts any good it might be doing. Might
  10. Hey everyone. I have been on the regimen for about 7 weeks now. I am becoming very discouraged because I still get a new zit at least every other day. They are usually small...a big one about once every week or two...but they are still very annoying and leave scars. A little background on my acne history...I have always had some acne..in early high school it was mild and I don't remember ever being overly concerned about it. Senior year it hit me pretty hard. I get acne mostly around the chin an