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  1. Hi everyone:) So this afternoon I went to the dermatologist for my one-month appointment. He wrote me a prescription for the remaining 5 months of my treatment. He also said that there's quite a lot of inflammation so he gave me an injection for that. I have no idea what the injection was but I just really hope that it's going to help!! He injected me in my left shoulder and it was actually quite painful! I've also noticed that my dry lips have improved. I'm also going back to drinking both pil
  2. Hi(: Soooo...there's not rally much to do a post about but here goes it seems as though just as one pimple goes away another one forms:( I have one on each cheek which are quite noticeable and that cyst on my eyebrow. It just sits there...so irritating. Still no headaches!! Yippie I have noticed some dry scalp though but it's not that bad. I'm going to the derm again on Friday...maybe he will put me on a higher dose? I don't know:( He said that he can usually see results after a month and I h
  3. Hi(: Thanks so much for the post...it really cheered me up! The worst part is that my best friend told me this :/ I'm staying out of the hostel for a while now so I won't be seeing her that much. I hope you help other people as well with your positive attitude!! xx
  4. Hi(: So obviously I'm having an initial breakout or SOMETHING because in these last 2 days so many people have commented on my skin it drove me to tears. I mentioned to my room mate that at least my glasses are covering the cyst on my eyebrow and she said: "what are you talking about? It's huge!" And yes those were her exact words, I'm not overreacting. Life is soo unfair!! So I'm not at all positive about these pills at the moment. And the fact that everyone is commenting is really not helpin
  5. Hello(: Sorry for not posting in a while...been a bit busy. So I haven't had any headaches since like Saturday I think I can't tell you how relieved I am because my exams are starting on Wednesday. I have a few new pimples so my skin is red. I have 2 new cysts - one is on my left eyebrow so it's all puffy and swelled I've also been having some back pains. Nothing else new to report on. Just trying to stay positive here xx
  6. Hi(: Just a quick update for today. No headaches so yippee! It was so great plus my mom said my skin looks better. No new pimples or anything and most of the old ones are starting to fade away. The cyst on my chin as well. I'm REAL glad about that. My face is extremely dry though, especially after washing it. I apply moisturiser with 15 SPF. Staying positive here! xx
  7. Hello guys:) Thanks for the comments on the previous post. I asked when my skin would start to improve and 2 people commented that your skin really clears up in your third month. I'm glad I know this because know I have something to look forward to!! At the end of my third month I'm going overseas for 2 weeks so I really really hope that my skin will look better by then!! I'm also trying to cut down on foods like muffins and white bread. I don't think all the sugar helps the headaches. I get on
  8. Hi(: I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already! I can't see a difference in my skin yet:( it obviously takes longer! Skin is still the same as last time I posted...just a bit more red though. Extremely extremely dry lips and back pains. I'm assuming it's associated with Oratane but I'm not sure. And the headaches which are getting really irritating :/ Does anyone know how long it takes to see any noticeable results?? Please please please comment if you do:) xx
  9. Hi(: Thanx for the comment. I know, the lips are so irritating!! But I'll try drinking more water from now on...it helps for my headaches as well I hope Oratane is going to work for you xx
  10. Hi everyone(: Sorry for not posting that much recently...been really busy at school!! My dry lips are getting WORSE - I didn't think it was even possible. But its a small price to pay for clear skin No new pimples or cysts, but I still have a few active ones which are so tempting to pop!! Ugh... I've also noticed I'm having mild muscle pains, especially at night. But it's not that bad. And then...the headaches!! Each day I have a headache and it's so irritating, because it makes studying almos
  11. Hello:) So not much has happened yet... Only really dry lips...ugh! And I can feel my skin is getting dryer as well But it's a sign that it's working so yippie!! I had another headache today but drinking more water really helped. There's not much else to say...it seems no initial breakout yet xx
  12. Erin(: The water really helps! I drank loads this morning after waking up with a headache and now it's almost gone Just stay positive, my headaches are already much much better xx
  13. Hiiii (: So here's the thing: I'm trying to do a post each day but not that much happens in 24 hours... But I'll try my best so today my skin still looks all red and inflamed PLUS I picked it again... I should really stop doing that. I also went to the mall today to get some more Elizabeth Arden 8h cream so I told the woman that's selling the product that I'm on Oratane. Turns out her son was also on it and at the same derm as me! And it worked for him (he had to go on a 2nd course though). So
  14. Hello(: My crazy dry lips feels as though it's getting worse!! (If that's even possible) I've also noticed that some of my blackheads are clearing (not sure how to describe this)...it's as though it comes out easily if I just squeeze it a bit. I went totally crazy though and popped a lot of pimples (the new ones I mentioned yesterday) and now my face is all red :/ But I guess it's my fault... Now I don't want to leave the house. Also, when I woke up this morning the skin at the corner of my mou
  15. Hi(: So today I started to feel more severe side-effects...my lips are SO DRY!! It's crazy :/ I have to apply 8h cream like every half hour. I also have about 4 new pimples (whiteheads), but no new cysts which is great I got a headache last night but none today so I think that drinking 1 pill at a time helps. Also no trouble with wearing my contacts. I am wondering how long a initial breakout will last so if anyone knows please share your thoughts I don't have any other exciting news to shar