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  1. I currently own the omnilux clear-u which I have been using for over a year with great results. The only problem with it is that following use I get a small amount of hyperpigmentation/darkening of the skin in the areas that I use the light on. This is due to the light being held so close to the skin, because when I was having alternative red and blue light therapy at my dermatologist from the professional machine I didn't have this problem. For this reason I was planning on purchasing the Be
  2. Thanks for the post green gambles. I am a male by the way, but I find your post really interesting. As there was a period where I was spot free for about three months with no light use, but I was only eating sweet potato and mackeril. But I really could not stick to the diet any longer.
  3. Hi, I am new to this message board but have been browsing it for a number of years on and off. For the past year or so I have been using a home light therapy product called 'omniux clear u' which worked perfectly to remove my acne, as it was quite bad. The instructions say that it is meant to be used for a 6 week treatment, then the acne should be cleared after that period and use should be discontinued for a period of time, and that results last for about two-three months minimum, or permane