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  1. Hi, last summer I had 2 large pimples or some sort on my face and this summer I think they may be trying to come back. 2 days ago I felt a lump on my right cheek (this is where I had a pimple last year) and it is still a bit swollen. I think there is another trying to develop on my left cheek too. These are pretty big pimples and I'm trying my hardest to keep them away. I use teatree facial scrub roughly once or twice a day and 1 B5 vitamin a day. Any help/suggestions or ideas why they seem to
  2. I feel your pain amy, i had red spots like that when i first got acne like 3 years ago. I still have acne to this day, it comes and goes. My acne is cystic and depresses me all the time. I have just currently broke out pretty bad within 3 days and i'm not sure why. I take lymecyclin and just ran out of b5. I also wash my face once or twice a day with teatree face scrub. The worst acne i have is on my neck, it kills me like fuck lol, it is also very sore. I have large spots there. Have u tried B5
  3. I have added you to yahoo, mate.
  4. Thanks very much, mate. Do you have any idea how long this lasts for?
  5. Ok so I have been using Lymecycline for the past 5 days, and my acne as gotten worse. I have a big spot between my eyes, big one beside mouth and a big one on my neck. The big one on my neck is very sore and sensitive. They're also very red. Is this normal? should the acne get worse for a while? I've read it takes a few months for Lymecycline to work. So I'm just wondering if it's normal for the acne to get worse before it gets better using Lymecycline. I also get very itchy on my neck and face
  6. Hello, guys. I'm new here. I have cystic type Acne on my neck (I think) It feels lumpy and sore. Pretty big pimples I guess and pretty red. I'm just wondering if there is any way to help get rid of them? I really want to try Pantothen because it looks absolutely amazing! At the moment I have been using Tetracycline for 3 days to check if it gets rid of them pimples on my neck within a few months or so, but I wasn't to happy with it when I used it the last time for my face a few years back.