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  1. Hey girl, I was wondering how your skin is now and what you found out. I currently have perioral derm and what you were experiencing seemed like that. It was probably due to the spiro, I broke out horribly when I upped the dose. I then went in accutane an I was clear for about a year but the acne returned and I ended up doing too much to my skin and it freaked out and I ended up getting perioral dermatitis unfortunately. I feel like I was doing so good with my skin and then it took a million ste
  2. My acne got way worse on Spiro. It was when I increased my dose from 25mg to 50 mg, my skin went insane. It makes sense, since I am trying to balance out my hormones. It was hell. After trying spiro I went on accutane- still best decision of my entire life. I even tried a second course but my body couldn't handle a second course.
  3. Hey! I have been reading this thread and I am very interested in what happened. I took my first course of accutane around this time, and tried a second course the beginning of this year but got wayyy too dry, to the point of looking aged and now I am doing a micro dosing on my own. I take a probiotic and I am hoping I am not causing irreversible damage to my insides. I hope you see this and respond.
  4. Hey! It's Amelia! We talked a lot about a year ago during my Accutane treatment! I did spiro for 6 months before accutane and it made my skin much worse when I increased doses. At 25 mg I was perfectly fine my skin was glowing but going to 50mg ruined my skin . It has been 8 months since accutsne and I'm still breaking out , not as bad and for the most part clogged pores are gone. I am going on mino hopefully in the next few weeks to control hormonal breakout and only take intermittently. I h
  5. The reason why your doc wants to bump you up is that you need an accumulative amount of medication in your body for accutane to fully do its job, possible full remission of acne. Without the full amount of Accutane in your system for the 6 month course you have a larger chance of the acne returning. I know it's frustrating as you are clear on 20mg, but honestly, that is nothing! I was afraid too, I wanted to start on 20mg but my derm put me on 40mg, but I know how stubborn my skin was so in
  6. Waste of time to take all those vitamins. I have done them all, just take a multivitamin and eat really clean. Too much fish oil causes me to break out. Too much of anything isn't good. I would exfoliate my lips and use Carmex. Exfoliating (baking soda mixed with oatmeal and honey) helps with the peeling, and I did have some days where my lip would bleed, I'd go to sleep with a gob of Neosporin on them. I make a lot of my skin care stuff from bulk, much cheaper (: I think a lot of the thread
  7. I am having a hard time figuring out how to make a new album lol, I haven't uploaded pictures in 3 years ha. Sorry that the pictures are not in chronological order.
  8. From the album: Journey Pics

    Look at all the unevenness ehhhh
  9. Melie87

    Journey Pics

    Pictures from 2011 when my skin was at its worst. Before these pictures were taken I have been on: Minocycine Doryx Tetracycline Duac Clindamycin Retin-A Retin-A Micro Differin, (in all different strengths) Birth control pills Proactive was a joke in 8th grade I have done diet modifications; Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-free, Vegetarian, etc which I had done for at least 6 months each. I did the green smoothies daily, I always exercised, tired the vitamin concoction haha. B5 vitamin powder in smoothi
  10. From the album: Journey Pics

    From 25mg to 50mg my hormones when insane as you can see from my skin! I suggest not messing with your hormones and just going on Accutane, it's a waste of time. Everything works for a while until you become immune to it all. Same with antibiotics unfortunately. Month before I started Accutane.
  11. From the album: Journey Pics

    Again, only light bare minerals and wearing my skin never felt so amazing ☺️
  12. From the album: Journey Pics

    Longggg story! But it was all worth it. After Spiro stopped working I was fed up and Accutane was the BEST decision I ever took. The horror stories are few, don't get scared! It took me 10 years to finally decide I needed to take the journey. I did 40mg the first month then 80mg the rest! Seems high but my skin was VERY stubborn. I didn't even need to moisturize much until the Last month of treatment but my lips where another story. Hair loss happened after treatment, which I am currentl
  13. Hey Valerie, I noticed you've been good on Spiro. I do not want to scare you but if your body becomes immune to it which normally happens with long term antibiotic treatment, your hormones may go crazy again, thus creating the dreaded X. I just finished my course with accutane and I am more than pleased. I am shedding hair which is a known side effect from stopping treatment with my hormones and body out of whack. I was fine on 25mg, until I upped the dose and tried to stabilize my skin but
  14. I know it has been years since you posted this, but hopefully you respond. I was wondering what happened, did your hair grow back normally?
  15. Amazing improvement lady! Thank you so much for continuing to update! I am currently FINALLY going though the accutane process. I am on my second month and continuing to breakout in cysts on my chin =/, yet I know that is part of the process too. It is very hard to be patient. You look so beautiful, and even before, you were beautiful. Acne is very painful, and I am so happy that you found a cure
  16. Yay I am excited for you! I start next Tuesday, even though I already picked up my prescription. It is sooo hard not to start but I want to do this right. We all in this together. I am 26 and tried everything except accutane. I have done all my research and I am more then ready as well. I wish I wasn't so afraid of it earlier, so then I could have already been living my life, instead of having my life revolve around my acne! This log will definitely help you out a lot. It's always nice to know t
  17. Melie87


    It is okay! How long did it take for your hair to return to normal? Did you have any body acne? Did you take an antibiotic while on accutane to ease the IB? So it seems as though it was bad for the whole course :/ but everyone is different, so not sure how I will be affected. I don't want to waste my money on the regime, I have done pretty much everything, and something quite similar, I have read all the inactive ingredients too and I wasn't too impressed. Have you got the scarring down from t
  18. I am curious how your course went NoRtHeRnxLiGhTs95. Did you end up clearing your skin? And did you ever get an initial break out? My skin too is persistent but mild/moderate, and I do get cysts. I am starting my course next month, 20mg. Your skin looked amazing for the first month!
  19. For some reason I cannot edit my previous post. I wanted to add that I went back down from 50mg to 25mg beacuse I had a really bad intial break out that lasted a month, and I am trying to stabalize my hormones once again on 25mg when my skin was doing good.*
  20. Hey ladies, I have decided to contiune on 25mg of spironolactone even tho I have had a really bad initial break out that laststed all last month and THIS month. I went from 25 mg to 100mg to 50 mg in the span of 4 weeks and it really messed me up! I currently have small little red acne marks ALL over my cheeks, it is horrible so depressing. I am starting acctaune the end of August. I am SO fed up with this crap. You name it I've done it, and I am sick of having bad skin and being so healthy, g
  21. Melie87


    amazing! I love all your pictures. You are so beautiful. I am going to start my course in August. I have a few questions for you. I have been doing my research on accutane for 10 years! and I finally taking the plunge I am soooooo excited. I was curious about your side effects and your dose. I am really worried about hair thinning and shedding, if and when you experienced this how did you cope and how is your hair post accutane? I am very prepared for all the side effects, that is just one I am
  22. She's posting for people like me. Who are FINALLY going to take accutane. I was offered it 9 years ago and tried everything in between. It is helpful to read real life stories of people who took it years ago. If they had ever lasting side effects or what not. Duh.
  23. Hey, I ended up going back down to 50mg cause I was breaking out super bad, and have an important event this weekend, so I hope it dies down. I understand the IB but I don't have time for it go on for a few weeks cause it might. I am breaking out on my chest again and cheek, its really lame. I am sticking with the 50mg for another month, then see where to go from there, if condition improve (hopefully). I will go up to 100mg once I see an improvement in my skin and my hormones settle down. Thank
  24. Look into diet and Spiro first! You cannot take them together. Accutane is the last resort! It is extremely hard on the body. Even years after taking the medication some people's body's never recover. I never took it, even tho I am SO FED up with acne. I am being patient with Spiro. I just upped to 100mg this week and I am having a break out due to my hormones normalizing. It is 2 am here, I do need to sleep but I want to give a good response! I will be on tomorrow to finish this message