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  1. Fmylife91 is there any chance you could repost your pictures (it says they are have been deleted)? I am thinking of doing a lactic acid peel and am interested to see your results.
  2. Hey roadrashed, how are your red marks doing?
  3. Hey, congratulations! I've still got about 6 weeks on roaccutane left I think. Yeah I've seen a little improvement but as you said, its probably a lot harder to get rid of red marks whilst on roaccutane because of thinner skin. Let me know how the emu oil works out now that you're off roaccutane, that way I'll know whether it'll be my cure after I've done my course Good luck with the red marks, I'm sure they'll fade, despite how insanely annoying it is to have to deal with them after getting r
  4. Hahahaha that is so bizarre! I have had exactly the same experience! I'm starting to think we're the same person Its been a great moisturizer and I have also had a couple of odd spots which I wouldn't have expected but not enough to call a "break-out" and I don't know if it's anything to do with the emu oil. Thanks for your (shockingly similar) update
  5. It may just be me be deceiving myself, but I could swear the red marks have started fading. Hopefully the emu oil is doing some good but like I said, it could all be in my head I'll update in a while when I know for sure if these marks are on the way out
  6. I will definitely ask my dermatologist about biafine, I have an appointment in three days luckily . The emu oil is yet to do anything to improve my skin so far but atleast it hasn't broken me out, which I guess is a kind of positive experience so far. I'll keep using it until I get to the derm on Tuesday. Some of these marks have just been there for so long and I know if they were gone my face would look completely flawless, its so frustrating!
  7. I am in the exact same position. My acne is almost completely gone but my face still looks horrible where I have tonnes of red marks. Nobody would believe my skin is smooth from how it looks. I'm on about my 3rd month of accutane and recently bought some emu oil. I would also be interested in anyone's experience with emu oil while on accutane?