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  1. I'm in my mid twenties now but since the age of 13 I've been the guy with acne, i've been 'spotty' I've been 'pizza face' and every other acne related name you can think of. I embraced it ina sort of messed up kind of way and just became that guy with acne, but does anyone ever feel like if they did clear up then they don't know who they are? It would be a great feeling because you would no longer be that person who has spots and you could be anyone and anything you wanted, but after so long
  2. i don't think enough research is being done but i don't think any cure is being withheld either. All current acne aids like clearsil, proactive etc are just a joke and accutane seems to be quiet misunderstood and people who haven't really done the research just hear about the negative side of it. If an acne cure was found then it would make millions, maybe even billions. Just think of the teenage market and then the beauty market alongside things like lipstick and make up, and of course for all
  3. Sorry you have had such trouble with your skin. You boyfriend sounds like a big part of the problem. Firstly if he really loves you then there is no such thing as more attractive. If i was in a serious realtionship with a girl then she wouldn't be able to be any more attractive because in my eyes there would be something special about her which is why i chose to be with her. Secondly this guy encourages you to do something which worsens your skin and so he sleeps on the couch . . . .really? no o
  4. http://www.dailymail...ugly-stick.html The headline of this article is . . . The zit parade: New iPhone app transforms anyone into a spotty monster Basically it's an iphone app that allows users to make pictures of people look uglier. So the tone of this artice is spots immediatley equals ugly! . . . .oh and we're all monsters, good to know.
  5. There is if you never meet your partner in person and just send them photo shopped pictures like all the celebs in the magazines
  6. I can see both sides of the argurement for university. I can understand why you don't want to go especially if you feel like you're being forced into it and it must feel daunting if you're a very shy person and don't have much confidence. Personally i would go and at least give it a try, If you put yourself out there than you could make friends and not to mention there will be plenty of women around lol, but you don't have to be mr suave, smooth and super confident just maybe work on your confid
  7. Agree with taketotheskies. Being from the uk as well i know how much shit you can get at our schools, especially if your not a part of the loud, rebellious and boisterous crowd. I absolutely hated school and the way you described this girl she sounds typical of the kind of girls in my school. The attractive two faced popular girls who the boys chased after. Like taketotheskies says, most of the girls like that all go with the bad boy idiots who treat them badly and then piss off and leave them p
  8. I'm not really confident around woman i like, i'm pretty confident around women i don't find attractive but i'm not very good with women i do find attractive. I've only talked to women a handful of times in the past couple of years and that has only been when i've needed to (being served in a shop, job interviews, when i had a job and it was work related ect.) About 3 years ago i became pretty good friends with a woman who i really liked (i don't think she has any idea i like her) about 2 yea
  9. Don't waste your time with this guy! he sounds like a moron, a man should never talk to a woman like that whether he finds her attractive or not.
  10. I used to get asked that all the time in my late teens but now people just seem to avoid the subject. Sometimes it annoys me when people ask me that because they say WHEN as if i'm obligated to go out and get a girlfriend and it will be the answer to all my problems. I imagine at the moment having a girlfriend would give me more problems. When people ask you that question just politely say when you've met the right girl or when you meet someone you like.
  11. this is an interesting post. are you ok with not having female friendships? or avoiding women? it sounds like you would like more female interaction, but i understand the hesitation because some females are too concerned with stupid shit. i can't count how many times i've talked to a girl my age, and i think, did she really just talk about celebrities for twenty minutes? then again, i am 22, so my peers are quite young. i prob sound like a bitter woman, but i do think some women are great to be
  12. *Moderator edit - Quoted post removed* i have seen some couples where the woman has been beautiful and the guy has been uglier but ALWAYS the guy has been a complete asshole to the woman . . . .cheating, beating her, treating her badly etc, but that woman obviously has a character flaw to put up with a guy like that. I'm not making a sweeping generalisation but every couple i've seen where the woman is hotter than the guy it is a guy who treats her horribly and dosen't deserve her. I used to
  13. Look man, I am not trying to trivialize your problem or tell you that you can have A. Jolie if you just try hard enough. It doesn't work like that. I am in the same boat like you (I just don't go to clubs where you can get beaten up though). What I am telling you is that you cannot give up and you cannot quit. None of this is easy, getting a job, getting beaten up and so on. But you can either whine about it or do something about it. And if what you are doing is not enough, then you either have
  14. Fair enough if that's your opinion. Just a couple of points though Get a job - Is it really that simple as go out and get a job, what do you do when you apply for 10 jobs a week and you get nothing, it isn't a s simple as "get a job" You have a huge cyst you go to a party, nobody cares - Well good for you, i've gone to parties and clubs before with cysts and my normal acne and i've had the piss ripped out of me, i've been beaten up because i have acne. "nobody cares" . . .they cared enough to gi
  15. Success with the oppisite sex is subjective, i've seen women and men with acne or over weight or other appearence issues who have partners. I guess i fall into the category of people who are completley devoid of any contact with women. I haven't kissed a woman in 3 years (and that was only when i was drunk) and the only time i've talked to a woman is out of necessity (job interviews, buying something from the shop and talking to the woman behind the counter etc.) I accecpted the fact a long