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  1. Wow, cant believe i have made it 16 weeks in and about to head into month 5. Im only just starting to see some great results, so Im guessing I took longer than most other people to get the results i wanted. I must admit I have just healed from 2 nasty cysts but my skin is looking good. My lips are crazy dry and so is my face if I dont moisturize 3 times a day. As it is winter here, and freezing cold, I would say that having the heater on constantly has taken a serious toll on my skin too. bu
  2. I have hit the 12 week mark and I have to say there is a big difference in my skin. Not saying I am even close to clear, but my skin is looking different than when I started on Tane. Firstly, it feels smooth. Unfortunatly it doesnt look great (yet) but when I wash my face, I really cant feel any lumps or bumps. Secondly, I feel like the red/purple marks/scars are hanging around alot longer than usual. They dont seem to be fading at all. This part really sucks. Some days my skin looks rea
  3. accunewbie

    Day 79

    So Im nearly at the end of month 3 and I feel like I am back where I started. The right side of my face is disgusting again and I have pimples all over my chin. My lips keep splitting every time I smile/eat/move and it is soooo shit
  4. Awesome. Breaking out in HEAPS of little spots pretty much everywhere. I think they are inflamed blackheads. I hope this is just Accutane clearing out the last of the junk in my skin. Yuck
  5. accunewbie

    Day 74

    Still plodding along with nothing new to report....scarring is still pretty bad and finding a new pimple every day or two. Nothing exciting. Lips are cracked at the corners still and Im sick of wearing chap stick!! The dryness is fine as long as I use a night cream before bed and Olay tinted moisturiser during the day. The condition of my hair isn't great, it feels really dry and dull but no flaking (which I cant complain about at all)
  6. accunewbie

    Day 67

    Derm visit today, I was really excited to see if she noticed any difference.... She didn't But she DID say that things will start to get good from here on in. Im happy with that! I feel that the dryness is really starting to settle down and I really only have one or two new pimples per week, compared to two every day. Thats a massive improvement to me. My lips are cracked and sore at the corners but after hearing horror stories about blistering etc, I think I have only experienced mil
  7. Im starting to see a real difference in my skin already, no new pimples and parts of my face are looking really clear. The scars and red marks are still an issue but one baby step at a time. I am still having trouble with sports and I am bruising really easily if I take a knock during netball. Is this normal? The stiffness and soreness only really lasts a day or two so I have decided to keep playing. I really should get in on tuesday to get my bloodwork done as my derm appointment is on f
  8. accunewbie

    Day 53.

    I have decided to rename the IB to FOMSB. -- First Of Many Shitty Breakouts. Need I say more?
  9. accunewbie

    Day 48!

    I have had a few really nice comments in the past week! People can see the difference and I can feel it too Still lots of scars but the overall appearance of my skin is improving. I cant wait to do some more photos to compare them to my first few weeks! As for the side effects so far, the dryness is ok if I use a night cream, morning and night, and use carmex chap stick. I have noticed that I get really sore after sport now, I play indoor netball and then go straight into a game of volleyba
  10. Being on accutane is seriously like being on a rollercoaster. Highs, lows, wanting to stay on, screaming to get off, good bits, really crap bits. Only one active right now but heaps of scaring. My face feels really smooth though and Im happy about that! I have switched to the Garnier antibacterial wash for sensitive dry skin cleanser and although its drying my skin out a little, using a good moisturiser helps. I hope there are not too many bad bits left on this rollercoaster ride!
  11. Four months seems like a lifetime at the moment! I suppose after putting up with acne for 10 years, 4 months isnt much time though!Thanks for your support KC
  12. Four months seems like a lifetime at the moment! I suppose after putting up with acne for 10 years, 4 months isnt much time though!Thanks for your support KC
  13. I am taking accutane with food, but looking at the graphs you have shown me, maybe I am better off taking my tablets a half hour after I eat, rather than while Im eating.....Thanks for the info
  14. Can someone tell me when 'Tane is meant to start helping? Im at my wits end, completely breaking out and ready to give up already! My skin hurts and looks worse than ever..... OMFG.
  15. Yeah, I spoke too soon. Its crazy how much difference there can be in just 2 days on accutane. The left side of my face looks really good but my right side looks like a warzone. As I am quite fair, the scars are looking more obvious. I have broken out badly on the right side along my nose and all over my cheek. I look disgusting and feel like crap. The blackheads on my cheek look like craters and stand out like dogs balls. Makes me want to hide away and cry.