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  1. Hello all, I have recently developed 3 subacious cysts on my forehead. They are probably about the size of a pea and are clear, fluid filled bumps which move around under my skin. They are not painful, but are rather unsightly. I am posting to ask for the voice of experience on this one, with mixed literature on whether or not these will ever disappear. If I just leave them, will they go away? Or must I have them surgically removed. I am asking really for what others have experienced, since t
  2. Thanks. And how did they work out for you?
  3. Hello. I've had moderate acne for about 5 years now, and fast approaching my 21st birthday, i have had enough. My mum said she's had acne all her life, but anti-biotics helped her a lot and that i should see a doctor about them. However i am petrified of doctors. Is it best to see a doctor or a derm? Also, did you suggest anti-biotics or just mention you were unhappy with the state of your skin? I've had some pretty unsympathetic doctors in the past. Thanks
  4. It's really hard to tell with pictures so small. It depends if the marks are flat and smooth to the touch or not.
  5. You've had the redness for a couple of years?
  6. Well. you seem to know your stuff. So you'll have read that it says that most PIH takes about 6 months to fade, and some a bit longer, up to a year. If you're aiming to be clear by fall, i'd just suggest that you prevent getting any more spots, and let your face heal naturally. The marks should have almost completely disappeared by the time time fall comes around.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but i think the marks are still red because the spots are still active. They stay red until the bacteria is killed. Then you can start worrying about fading the remnants,
  8. Hello friends. I haven't been active for a while, since i've been busy with uni and thought i'd stay away from here for a bit, try and concentrate on things other than my face. Anyway! I was hoping you guys could help me out with some info/advice. Now that the redness from on my face is beginning to subside, i'm beginning to notice some small indentations on the sides of my face. You can only notices when my face is in shadow with light coming from behind, looking straight on. It's no worse tha
  9. It looks like an isolated scar on otherwise good skin. My person suggestion would be not to worry about it. and maybe just do gradual peels on it. However, if it really bugs you, go for something these other guys suggested.
  10. Hehe, i love how you dscribed it with a little elf. Yeah, I think you're right not to be bothered by them. Most people have some small imperfections, which is what gives people character