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  1. So, nearly 5 months since I came off Accutane and my skin has never been better. Whilst I was on accutane my Dad would take weekly pictures of my back to see the progression I was making on the drug. I looked at them recently and it's scary to think I'd nearly forgotten just how bad it was. I mean at it's worst I struggled to put a t-shirt on for school in the mornings, and struggled to sleep lying on my back because it was just so painful. But now being spot free for the last 3 or so months, li
  2. Loving being clear!

  3. It's been a while since I last posted and it's been a while since I took my last Accutane pill... As far as results go, the improvements to my skin are incredible. I haven't had a spot anywhere on my body in at least a month! The marks from my previous ones are still there though but are continuing to fade. They are barely noticeable (: Last week I went on holiday with my family and I brought a friend and it was the first time that I went swimming without a top on in years, and it felt great
  4. Last time I posted it was the day before I was due to see my Dermatoligist. To my delight and surprise, that day he thought it was time for me to come off Accutane. So I have been off Accutane since Tuesday the 16th of August. My side effects (my dry lips and skin) were non existent within a week which was good. Since I have been off Accutane my back has just carried on improving I would say over-all my back acne has gone from a 9/10 severity to 2/10 right now, and it's still improving. I am
  5. It is Monday evening on the 15th of August 2011. I had my blood test today after coming back from South America (a fantastic trip btw) and I have an appointment with my dermatologist tomorrow. Not long to go now only a few more weeks! Since being on the 20mg dose due to being away my side effects have improved a lot regarding my lips. They are basically fine, a little red on the corner of my left side but apart from that they are now fine! However I do expect tomorrow to be put back on a high
  6. It's Tuesday 12th of July Just came back from an appointment with my dermatoligist...He is happy with the improvment, but due to my side effects (Really bad lips, peeling hands and sores between my foot nails and my hand nails) He has dropped the dose so I only take 40mg instead of 50mg. I don't mind that's fine with me. He is happy with my improvement he says I am coming along a lot and should be done within eight weeks (hence why the title has changed to 20 weeks instead of 19 weeks because
  7. It is Monday the 4th of July 2011 I am really tired and feel ill, I've been playing tennis for the last 6 days and especially today I think the sun caught me a bit and I feel really light headed and I threw up earlier, not good. Anyway, accutane, yes, my lips are still really bad and it's really pissing me off now it's so frustrating no matter what I do they do not improve :/ The inside of my nose has been mildly irritating me over the last few days, I hop that goes soon. My back on the left
  8. It's Monday the 27th of June 2011. My back has been angry the last week, well, not ridiculous but definitely angry. However I think it may be a good thing (fingers crossed!) as I only have about 7 angry ones on my back and the marks around them where my REALLY bad acne used to be have faded a lot so once these angry ones heal, hopefully it will appear better. It is still a very slow, draining process but I am over half way there now! I am on a 50mg dose but the tablets only come in 20mg so I t
  9. It is Sunday the 19th of June 2011. At the start of the week my back began to flare up a bit nothing major just got a bit more angry than usual. There isn't much to say about this week, the top left side of my arm is clearing up nicely, slowly but it's getting there, I would say there has been no real improvement over this week to be honest but there you go, it's a slow process. I had my 3rd blood test whilst on this the other day and my blood was all clear. I'm still on 50mg a day. Not much e
  10. It is Sunday the 12th of June 2011. I am nearing the half-way mark on this course. So far the only side effects I have suffered from have been the dry lips (although they are pretty much fine now) and my hip joints start to ache after a lot of exercise and then I am stiff for a couple of days after. It doesn't help that I am quite sporty. Finally I suffer from mild dry skin on my face and arms whihc is easily sorted out by moisturizer. I am happy with the lack of side effects I have suffered fro
  11. Hooky

    Day 49

    It is Sunday 5th June 2011 and I am nearly 50 days into taking accutane. Side Effects: I am now about to start my seventh week on it and the only side effects I have had is dry skin and dry lips. The corners of my lips cracked for the first time a couple of days ago and it hurts quite a bit, I have been piling on the vaseline! Also I am quite sporty so when I play for over an hour my hip joints start to ache and that happened the other day :/. I apply moisturizer fairly frequently to my face
  12. Hooky

    Day 35

    Hey there, no I am lucky enough to not suffer from depression as a side effect, that may be luck, or it may be the fact that I am generally quite a happy person. (: Good luck if you do go on it. The side effects really arn't to much of a hassel so far for me atleast, (touch wood) however everyone is different... (:
  13. Hooky

    Day 35

    It is Sunday the 22nd of May 2011 and I have now passed a month of being on Accutane. I would say so far the results on my neck have been very good, but my back the most severe part still hasn't changed and is still really bad. On Tuesday the 17th of May 2011 I had an appointment with my Dermatologist and he has put up my dose from 20mg a day to 40mg every other day and 60mg every other day (He wanted to put me on 50mg but the pills don't come in 10mg sizes so for example I take 40mg on Monday a
  14. Hooky

    Day 29

    It is Monday 16th May 2011, (Las entry it was the 9th of May I accidently put 22nd as it was the 22nd pill) and I have just taken my 29th pill. My acne is steadily improving I would say it is on a 7/10 at the moment but it is improving. I have had no serious break outs really since being on this and touch wood I do not get any in the future. I am seeing my Dermatologist tomorrow so he can see how I am getting on. I had a blood test a few days ago as anyone on this will know you need to be checke
  15. Hooky

    Day 22

    It is Monday 22nd May 2011. My lips are still very cry so it seems I am always applying vaseline to my lips. My skin is fairly dry on my face but easily treated with moisturizer. I have noticed my arms are getting very dry, I should apple some moisturizer. The right side of my neck has improved dramatically as has my left side. On a scale of 1-10 the severity of my acne on my right side of my neck is a 1.5/10 and the left a 2/10. My chest is steadily getting smoother and my back has gone from a