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  1. Hiya buddy. I do feel your pain, i really do. I am 47 years old and my acne started when i was probably about 13. I was put on antiobiotics (oxytetracycline) which didn't really do much good. I had it especially bad on my chest and back and it has scarred me badly. I think i was on antibiotics for probably 15 years before i was finally sent to a dermatologist who prescribed accutane. Initially for about two weeks i had the worst pustular outbreak on my face i have ever see which completely dem
  2. I had a blood test done for food intolerances done a few years back. It cam back i was intolerant to dairy and blackcurrants but severely intolerant to yeast. I cut out bread, beer, wine and marmite (four of my favourite things ). I occasionally go back and drink beer and wine but as soon as i do i get a flare up of acne, so i think there is something in it, despite what my doctor says.