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  1. This is about the 6th week I have used dans exact formula. So far its been ok but for some reason, over the last week and a half or so, I'm getting a ton of little red pimples all over my face. They seem to pop up in little groups - one group above my lip, another on my nose. They are really annoying! Do you think some of my products may be irratating my skin? I'm using cetaphil bar soap in the morning and at night, neutrogena on the spot in the morning, and duac topical gel at night. I have had
  2. My mom has been saying I have a rash or something and I kept saying "Mom, what are you talking about." But shes right, all of a shudden im getting these pimples that are just red pumps and there mostly poping up on the side of my face. It's kindof hard to notice when one pops up because they look so similar to the surronding area. Could these pimples be from irrated skin or something else? Thanks for any help!
  3. CVS had none of the eucerin renewal stuff so I decided to pick the next closest thing, Eucerin dry skin theraphy ORIGINAL moisterizing creme. Is this stuff ok for the face and neck? I put a layer on and it got rid of most of the flakes but my face feels and looks supper greasy. What do you think?
  4. I need to use the Saint Ives SA wash to exfoliate my flakey skin. I want use this in the morning so I wont have flakes during the day. Should I use this before I wash with my normal face bar soap, after, or just do one or the other? Thanks!
  5. thanks everyone for the replies. I am using cetaphora soap (the one dan recomended). I normally do the regimen but only at night. So I tried it in the morning using on the spot stuff (at night I use Duac a topical prescription gel). I put on a ton of on the spot and rubbed it in as gently and quickly as possible but I still ended up with a layer of almost dry lotion that I coudn't rub in at all. So then i just tried to put lotion on and see if it would dissolve that way. It pretty much did but t
  6. thanks for the reply but when I said alternative methods, I meant something besides the regime. I am pretty much doing that now. I will try to follow the directions a closely as possible but I don't think if I go just a tiny bit slower applying the bp that 20 pimples will magically go away. Anyways, thanks for the reply.
  7. I had what I thought was a huge breakout at the end of March and ever since my face has been a disaster. Not like huge cryst or whatever, but more like little red and white head bumps scartered throughout my face. I was told not to use any sa washes and that didn't help at all. Now my face is slowly getting worse and I want to stop it now and go back to my own 1 or 2 pimple face. What are some surgestions you have for me? Thank you
  8. I am using Duac gel which is 5% bp and 1%cindasomething. Its a perscription from my doc so it should be ok. So at night I should stop using all my SA washes and just wash with my soap? This would mean I use the soap twice a day. This is ok right?
  9. I was out of the country until April 3 or something and those last couple days out of the country and the first couple days back in the US, my acne just seemed to gotten worse almost like at first I was at mild acne then it went to mediocor, getting worse acne. At first I thought it was just a breakout but just under a month later it's still there (and getting worse). Anyways...what can I do to make my face go back to the way it used to be? At night, I wash with either neutrogena black hea
  10. I have mild acne and I am using duac bp gel on my face every night. In the morning I use cetaphora soap and at night I use neutorgena SA paddy type wash cloth thing (I don't remember the full name). Something seems to not be working lately so I am thinking about switching my SA night wash. What would you recomend? Preferable something that doesn't dry the skin to much. Thanks
  11. you say that its because the bp makes your face oily. So if we apply mosterisure that our face wont be oily correct????
  12. thats what im thinking. the more i had bp to an area, the worse it gets. i don't get it. I don't know what to do either.
  13. well is this why i have these bumps or are you just saying don't use to much bp??
  14. I have a ton of little bumps on my nose and right on the side of my cheek. I was on vacation in south america for a while and my acne was just starting to get bad liek that but i thought it was because of the atmosphere or something. now im back and fully using the bp gell and i am still getting a ton of these little pimples all over my nose and even on my chin(but i think its on my chin because of my catchers mask in baseball). I am putting a ton of bp on and even neutorgena on the spot in the