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  1. radiofreecarolina

    Day 63

    I am so incredibly upset right now. Day 63: Sneak Attack I was sleeping quite peacefully only an hour or so ago, and was awakened by my mom with a phone in her hand. She told me it was my dad and that he had called our dermatologist and found out they had an opening today and next week, which was really rare because usually you have to make an appointment weeks if not months ahead of time. I simply stared up at my mom with an "Are you kidding me?" expression, which, now that I think abo
  2. radiofreecarolina

    Day 61

    Lately I've been thinking about how much my life has changed these past few months. I can't believe there used to be a time when I didn't spend an hour or so every morning and night on my face, didn't have dry/red skin, and could actually wear makeup. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go back. My acne was worse then and I generally felt hopeless about it. And it's not that I miss makeup that much... it's nice to be able to come home and not worry about taking it off. It's just this regimen is re
  3. radiofreecarolina

    Day 54

    Day 54: Quick update My face is really, really, really red. I'm goin' for that tomato look right now. Not really. Lactic acid, you better help my dry skin. Otherwise we're gonna throw down. About to go on a date with the boyfriend. This should be fun. -K
  4. radiofreecarolina

    Day 52

    Wow long time no update, huh? I've been staying away from acne.org because I found myself spending too much time reading about other people's regimens and warnings and so on and so forth. Decided to just put my trust in what I'm doing and stop worrying so much about my face (I still worry, just not as much as when I started this regimen). Anyway Day 52: Results? So yeah, results. I'm actually seeing them. Right now I only have two pimples that have been taking their time to clear out
    -Doesn't moisturize -Awesome mustard complexion I tried to like this moisturizer. I really did. I've been on the acne.org regimen for 7 weeks now and have used this moisturizer (3 pumps with the recommended jojoba oil) every day, morning and night. I'm finally starting to see some, albeit small, results with the clearing of my acne, but the dryness from BP has gotten to a point where my skin's unbearable. I think I've given this product a fair chance but now I'm done with it. The bottom l
  5. radiofreecarolina

    Day 22

    Yeah, yeah once a week. I'm a blog junkie. I've been up all night studying. Thought I'd take a break for a quick update. Day 22ish: GTL I had a dentist appointment earlier today (yesterday now?) that I considered skipping due to my face not looking as fantastic as I'd like. Yes, it's not as dry as it was my first two weeks on the regimen and yes, the redness has died down significantly and I only had two pimples as opposed to the multitude last week, but still. Wasn't a fan of having
  6. radiofreecarolina

    Day 18

    Well I plan on only updating this blog weekly, but since final exams start this upcoming week I know I won't have any time to post. So, update. Day 18: Calm before the storm This past week has been pretty rough. My neck was unbearably itchy and irritated, I think due to either the cleanser, BP, moisturizer, or all three. When I first started the regimen, I would rub the excess moisturizer down my neck without considering how stupid that was. As a result, my neck became itchy and I s
  7. radiofreecarolina

    Day 15

    My regimen Morning: Wash with Acne.org cleanser (10 seconds, rinse) Wait 15 min. Apply Acne.org BP. Wait 10 min. Apply Acne.org moisturizer with 5 drops jojoba oil. No Makeup Wait a few minutes. Check face for flakes. Sigh. Leave house Evening: Wash with Acne.org cleanser (10 seconds, rinse) Wait 5 minutes. Apply thin layer of jojoba oil. Wait 10 minutes. Apply Acne.org BP. Wait 10 minutes. Apply Acne.org moistruizer with 5 drops jojoba oil. Check face for any improvement. Sigh. Go to be