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  1. I definitely understand what you're going through. I missed out on a lot in college because of my acne. I'd have to get up early and be late for class just because I needed to put my makeup on. I longed to be one of those people who would literally roll out of bed and come to class a minute later. I know that sounds strange, but just that fact that I was far too uncomfortable to ever do that bothered me so much. I dreaded hall events, fire drills, tornado drills, or anything that would force
  2. i had it real bad. like every pore in my effing face was a pimple. i also had scabs, red skin. and it was on my back and chest as well. it was sooooooo bad. i felt gross and ugly. the fear of running into people was unbearable so id miss so many classes and isolate myself in my dorm room. getting out of bed in the morning was terrible because id procrastinate putting on my "mask" and it would take so long to cover everything up and end id up running late for classes. another thing that would low
  3. whether it be side effects or acne changes...how long did it take to see something happen? btw im on 40 mg Claravis
  4. starting accutane soon. im pretty big into working out...but i hear one of the side effects is achy joints. will this be a problem during exercise?
  5. the whole suicide thing scares me and i want to know more about it. any info you guys have would help. a few years ago i was on anti-depressants. my derm knows this. but we have been through it that i am off of them now and am no longer in depression. except, i think i am depressed. all the time i think about how i hate my life and how nothing is going right for me and i feel down a lot. but i feel like this is not important because i am not thinking about suicide at all. and i think how co
  6. havent started it yet and not on anything else cept birth control..but does tane help with redness in the face? my face is always like pinky its annoying..i think from irritation and stuff...idk it prob doesnt help during the course of accutane but after im done will it be not so red and more like the color of the rest of my body?
  7. ive seen a lot of peoples skin before accutane and some of them are reaalllly bad. mine is bad but not horrible like those. just wondering if the process goes a little quicker if your skin is on the better side of bad hahah. also since its good weather now ive been outside a lot so my skin is looking better..usually happens for me in summer..i know usually its temporary but what im asking is if the better your skin is by the time you start tane, is the process quicker for clearing up? btw im s
  8. should i do a log? anyone else starting around this time? also, im going back to school end of august..how should i be by then?
  9. thanks for the post! im actually on tri sprintec too. and yeah my chest and back used to be horrible but ever since i started taking tri sprintec i havent had to worry about it at all! all clearr..BUT my face on the other hand is really bad. i have bad nodules on my cheeks ughh and they take forever to go away. derm appt in 2 days...wondering if i should ask her for spiro. and maybe a topical? i dont know what to do.
  10. what are some of the main side effects? i only heard of really dry lips which cant be that bad
  11. why is it so much of a big deal - ppl are making logs and youtube videos of their experiences..why is it any more big of a deal than trying any other acne rx? is it because of the initial breakout?
  12. its basically been 3 months since im on BC. used to have moderate acne but this gave me horrible cystic acne.. want to stay on it tho bc my chest/back acne are clear from it. should i ask my derm to add spiro with it? i heard this before but want more info about this combo! and what exactly is spiro please help!!
  13. I have 3 huge cysts on my cheek. can they inject all of them? also...i will call them tomorrow and ask, but how much does it usually cost?