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  1. I saw an ad on the Bell #60 Help for Skin Disorders on the recent edition of MacLeans' They claim you see results in days and money back if it doesn't work. Have anyone tried this? This is really quite pricey and I can't really find any reviews on this product except for THEIR testimonials =/ Their official website
  2. Fat ass: Eat junk food. Don't exercise. Muscular glutes: Eat 5 meals a day, at least 3 meals with 30g protein (chicken, beans, eggs). No white food. No pork. Lots of beans and vegetables. Work out. Do lunges, squats, weight training (less weight, more reps. you gain less muscle and more strength), and water.
  3. I have oily skin, but it doesn't break me out at all. Test it in a small area first...
  4. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/589256_4 "Vitamin D3 is the type that most experts believe should be utilized in clinical practice (Wolpowitz & Gilchrest, 2006)." "Vitamin D2 is also known as "ergocalciferol," and vitamin D3 is also known as "cholecalciferol." " "Most experts now believe that the only form that should be purchased is vitamin D3." For reasons...: "Vitamin D3 may be less toxic than D2 because higher concentrations of D2 circulate in the blood when consumed (compared to
  5. Panoxyl Aquagel 5% May I ask what regimen that you are using right now? Curious about what other people are doing
  6. I find BP way too harsh for my skin, so I mix the gel with a small dab of water (lol) and it works perfectly. I use bio oil as a moisturizer. I know it's an oil, but it doesn't break me out for some reason (I have oily skin). I found Cetaphil to be a fantastic cleanser, although it has sodium lauryl sulfate. Spectro Jel isn't as nearly as effective for my face compared to Cetaphil, but that's a personal opinion I cleanse (spectro. I want to finish it first. the cetaphil turned into this weird
  7. University of California did a compilation of studies on Vitamin D3, and they stated that Vitamin A and Vitamin D uses the same receptors. A study conducted by Harvard said that the minimum for Vitamin D3 should be 1000 or 2000 IU. The theoretical safe amount per day is at 10,000 IU as you can get that much by being out in the sun for 30 minutes with minimal clothing. You should down the Vitamin A to > 6000 IU so that it won't interfere with the D3, and keep or bump the Vitamin D3 to 4000 I
  8. I get pimples on my back when I eat flaxseeds...everyone's different =/
  9. L'Occitane Rice Ultra-Matte Face Fluid is fantastic. Look up some reviews.
  10. Aspirin (use a bit of water to dissolve into pasty texture) + a good honey (buckwheat is fantastic...numerous health benefits. smells like manure/hay though haha) mask. leave on for 20 minutes. rinse. 3 parts water, 1 part APV. leave on for 5 minutes. rinse. Drinking green tea in the morning and WATER every single chance you've got.
  11. What's more important. The overall health of your body or couple of pimples? By the time you realize you're addicted to anything...especially meds, you know when to stop Moderation is the key. Take the supplement once a week instead, the once a month. Remember food is always better than something you'd get out of a pill
  12. Vitamin D3. Most people are deficient anyway... Even if it doesn't help with your acne...it'll help with your immune system by a large margin A german study shown that it could boost your immune system by 3-5 times...but that was probably in huge doses
  13. I get my zinc mostly from eating oysters and beef...there's no need to take a supplement Make sure you include magnesium in your diet (halibut, almonds) if you're taking D3. Not sure about the b2 though
  14. When you go, ask for a vitamin d test, Take vitamin d3...if it doesn't help with your acne, your likelihood of getting cancers would drop by 50-80% or so (study from stanford, harvard, university of san diego, university of california) if you take 1000 IU a day...which is a minuscule amount